Skyrim crashes after bethesda logo windows 10

So, my Skyrim crashes just after bethesda intro. Tried to disable intro and it crashed after few secs of reflecting skyrim logo.

I have actually no mods mounted. I had yet because it stopped functioning, i deleted whatever. i manually deleted my old saves and also .ini records. (fill orders etc.) and also every little thing from steamapplication. I have tried to change audio setting to every feasible alternative yet none of them functions. I have reset up 3 times now

Thanks in breakthrough for any type of kind of help!


Windows 7

gtx 780 4gb through 3x 1920x1080 screens

AMD Phenom II x6 3.2 Ghz

asus Formula IV motherboard

12 gb 2000mhz ddr3



You can attempt to go into vapor, then go to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then click regional files and click on the switch that states verify game integrity. This need to replace any lacking files. If this doesn"t job-related there can be a trouble via Skyrim not being assigned enough RAM or somepoint along those lines.

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To resolve the trouble with RAM, you will certainly have to download a program called SKSE. This is really simple to install, and also once it is installed launch skyrim with skse_loader.exe in your skyrim root folder (check out under).

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C:Program Files(x86)steamsteamappscommonskyrimskse_loader.exe


You have to reduced your audio format to 16 little (CD quality) under:Control Panel > Sound > Select sound card > Properties > Modern > Default Style.

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This operated for me.



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