Skyrim crashing on load screen

I have tried EVERYTHING to resolve it for the previous couple of hours any type of principles please?:( This started this day and also it crashes best after the loading display i have actually not added or removed any type of mods


my rig: rocessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU
3.20GHz Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 4gb Memory8.1 GB Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (construct 7601), 64-bit


Right, exactly how about you suggest out what precisely "EVERYTHING" means? Might help out. I have actually had fairly the quantities of CTD concerns myself, so I'd be glad to usage some of my suffer to help others

You may have actually tried it but what I've began doing is beginning a new game (I usage Alternate Start so it's not a lengthy thing), then fill my conserves from there. For some reason I haven't had actually a save pack crash given that I began doing that.

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I would certainly acquire them regularly from the primary food selection.

Check and watch if you have any type of OSD on. Afterburner, Precision X16, and so on, they all have actually it, and it periodically gets turned on.

Kastoli's Foolproof Guide to Troubleshooting Skyrim Modding Problems

Tip 1:

Disable ALL mods. Does Skyrim still crash?

Yes? There is a problem with your Skyrim installation. Reinstall Skyrim.

No? Tright here is a problem with your mods.

Tip 2:

If tright here is a difficulty via your mods:

Install each mod alone (only one mod set up at a time) and launch Skyrim.

Does Skyrim crash?

Yes? Tbelow is a trouble through that mod. Re-download it and try aget.

No? Go to action 3.

Still crashing after a fresh download?

Yes? If you are 100% certain you are installing it appropriately, tbelow is a difficulty through the mod. Don't use it.

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No? Tright here was somepoint wrong through the variation you were utilizing prior to.

Tip 3:

No single mod causes a crash.

Install each mod one at a time (leaving the formerly set up mods still installed) and launch Skyrim.

Does Skyrim crash?

Yes? Tbelow is a trouble via the mod you just mounted, and among the mods you have actually already set up. Go to step 4.

No? Congratulations, problem addressed.

Tip 4:

Disable eextremely mod except the last mod you set up in Step 3.

Install each other mod one at a time (favor in Step 2, uninstalling them if the game doesn't crash) and launch Skyrim.

Does Skyrim Crash?

Yes? You've found the 2 mods that cause a problem. Pick the one that you want even more, and discard the various other one.

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No? You're in some deep shit. Not really. It just gets tremendously more complicated from here on out so it's not in this overview. If you're stuck right here, reply to this message, and i'll try and help out some more.