Skyrim ctd on pause menu

it crashes once i open my ineventory or open the food selection or anything prefer that. sometimes it doesn"t, so currently, prior to i execute something choose that i sheight for a moment and also prey it does not crash.

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also i"ve notification that if my framereate is high before i pause the game it"s fine, but if it"s low it crashes once i pausage it


""high" being 60 fps +

"low"   being 30 fps or so


i have actually a lot of mods set up but i tried to uninstall every one of them and it didn"t adjust a lot.


any type of idea why this happens?


Note: i currently tried deleating "skyrim.ini" and also "skyrimprefs.ini" and it didn"t work.

and my drivers are as much as date




it turns out it"s a mod referred to as "security load" leading to the problem, ironic, the mod is a bug solve yet it causes another bug



ok so if i rerelocate this mod i acquire an infinite loaddisplay screen and if i install it i gain a crash.


in the mod notes it says:


"If you have actually any type of trouble after Installation (CTD as soon as open up food selection, obtain even more CTD or freeze, graphical glitch etc.), please try:"EnableOnlyLoading = true" in data/SKSE/Plugins/SafetyLoad.ini.This implies that it have the right to not block game freezing in the time of play other than loading display.If you still got problems after setting .ini, you cannot use this mod... Sorry."


so i tried setting "EnableOnlyLoading = true" but that led to yet another difficulty, i gain a babsence display after i load a conserve.

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Any ideas?




i resolved it! (i think) i just did what brianbwlim  shelp :


"When freezing in the time of loading for the saved game,I have setEnableOnlyLoading = flaseThen, it have the right to be loaded.(if not, bad save)And then go to somewhere else, and also save game.And recollection againEnableOnlyLoading = true.(To avoid CTD, because I have actually random and also menu open up CTD.)I am utilizing SafetyLoad in this means !- Avoid CTDand- Refix freezing from saved game loading...For run time freezing,I think Clearmem routine can minimize the possibility.




nevermind, i still obtain a black screen after loading in most locations...

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i"ve lost hope.





i reset up the game and i rerelocated safety load and also most of the texture mods that i have and currently skyrim is playable, ugly, however playable.