Skyrim se crashes on save

If you are enduring crashes when trying to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, you should first check to encertain that your machine meets the game’s minimum requirementsright here and that you are not running any extra programs in the background.If you satisfy the game’s demands and are not running any kind of added programs, you have the right to attempt the adhering to troubleshooting steps:

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

To encertain you are acquiring the ideal performance out of your graphics card, you deserve to download and install latest drivers (based upon manufacturer) here:

Change In-Game Settings

You can improve performance by making alters to the game"s in-game settings.

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First, attempt resetting the auto-detected video options:

Open Steam and navigate to your Library.Select The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.Click Play to open up the Skyrim SE Launcher.From the launcher, select Options and then click the Reset button in the Detail section.Launch Skyrim SE and also watch if tright here is an improvement.

If the issues persist, open the Skyrim SE Launcher again and reduced the top quality of the complying with options under the Cutting edge section:

GodraysShadowsDecalsDisplay Gap ReflectionsSSAOScurrently ShaderLens Flare

You have the right to likewise attempt reducing the View Distance, the Distant object detail, and Fade settings, and also you have to attempt switching to a reduced resolution. Finally, transforming the Antialiasing settings from TSAA to either FXAA or Off may additionally assist.

Remove Mods

Custom mods can in some instances reason in-game concerns. We recommfinish disabling or removing any kind of mounted mods and also trying aget.

Force the System to Recognize Main GPU

You have the right to pressure your mechanism to recognize your video cardbyfollowing the instructions below:

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

Right-click your desktop computer and choose NVIDIA Control Panel.In the Control Panel, choose Manage 3D settings, then click on the Program Setups tab.Next to the "Select a regime to customize" choice, click the Add button.From the pop-up home window, navigate to the folder wherethe gameis set up.Select the executable file for Skyrim Special Edition.In the "Select the wanted graphics processor for this program" choice, open up the drop-dvery own food selection and also choose High-performance NVIDIA processor and confirm.To enhance performance,go to the"Specify the settings for this program:" section, click Power management mode, and select Prefer maximum performance and confirm.To additionally improve performance, you deserve to go to theManage 3D Settings area, click on the Global Setups tab, and also adjust the settings below:Vertical sync to offThreaded optimization to offTriple buffering to off

The over instructions may change relying on variation and unique graphics card. If you require better assistance, you must call NVIDIA Support here.

AMD Graphics Cards

OpenAMD Radeon Setups.Select Precommendation on the bottom tab.Select Radeon Further Settings.In the Radeon Further Settings home window, select Switchable Graphics Application Setups under the Power.Select All Applications, find Skyrim Special Edition,click the "Graphic Settings" box to the best of the game .exe, and also pick High performance.Click the Apply button at the bottom best.

Note:there is also an option to usage both cards together to enhance performance.To do this:

In the Radeon Further Settings window select AMD Radeon Dual Graphics under Gaming.Click the radial switch for Enable AMD Radeon Dual Graphics.Click the Apply button at the bottom right.

The over instructions may change relying on variation and distinctive graphics card. If you require further assistance, you should contact AMD Support right here.

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If you are playing on a laptop and also the over instructions did not pressure the game to run off your dedicated GPU, then you may need to connumber some of your power saving features.Power saving features will occasionally override high-performance profilesto save battery life. When the computer attempts to conserve battery life, it will switch to the integrated card because it does not call for as many type of sources to run. You can solve this by adhering to the process below:

Press the Battery symbol in the alert location of your taskbar.Select More power choices... and also then expand also the Sexactly how additional plans area.
Select High performance and also then close the home window.

Rerelocate Additional Launch Options

Some Steam launch choices might cause the game to crash.

To rotate off Skyrim SE launch options:

Open Steam and navigate to your Library.Right-click on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and also pick Properties.Under the General tab, click Set launch alternatives...

Verify Integrity of Video Game Files on Steam

To ensure the game documents are mounted appropriately, you should verify the papers in Steam:

Load Steam.From the Library area, right-click the game and choose Properties from the menu.Select the Local files tab and also click Verify integrity of game papers...
Steam will verify the game"s papers. This process might take a number of minutes.Once the process is completed, the Check Window will certainly instantly exit.

Get the Latest Version of DirectX

You need to ensure you have actually the latest variation of DirectX by downloading and also installing it below.

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Disable Xbox DVR in Windows 10

If playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition on Widows 10, the Xbox DVR could have an impact on game performance. To disable the Xbox DVR, follow these instructions:

Right click the Start buttonClick SettingsSelect GamingSelect Game DVRClick the switchbelow Record in the background while I"m playing a game so that it turns Off.