Skyrim subscribed mods not in data files

So I simply re-installed skyrim, and I expect a clean re-install. I un subbed from all mods, deleted all my documents, then re-mounted Skyrim. Once I did this, I went and also resubbed to a bunch of the mods I had actually prior to and also now the mods don't present up in the Data Files window

Steam Mod Count

Skyrim Checking All My Mods

Nothing Showing up in the File Files

Nopoint in the folder either

What am I missing/doing wrong and just how execute I settle it?


You're making use of vapor workshop.

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Don't usage steam workshop.

For even more clarification, watch the beginner's guide linked in the sidebar.

In regards to actually addressing your problem: I've uncovered that the mods don't favor to display up in the information folder automatically after subbing. Try launching Skyrim, but don't hit the "play" switch, just leave out of the launcher. That have to force Steam to update and display the mods. Or rebooting vapor could settle it.

In general, I agree via what /u/Thallassa sassist -- stop making use of Steam workshop.

However before, I carry out use six mods from the workshop myself. They aren't on Nexus, and also I haven't discovered sufficient replacements for them either. Anyway, as soon as you have actually them downloaded, you have the right to simply relocate them to one more folder, unsubscribe, and also have actually Mod Organizer control them, which functions fine.

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I've had actually the exact exact same problem as you, that subscribed mods simply wouldn't downpack -- here's a connect to my very own thread on the subject a few weeks back:

And right here is the response I got from Steam Support when I asked them (I haven't tried it myself, as I'd currently addressed the difficulty by the moment they answered):

Thank you for contacting Steam Support. We apologize for the delay. Please try the following:

Exit Steam totally.

Browse to your Steam installation (Typically C:Program Files(x86)Steam)

Rename the "steamapps" folder to "old_steamapps"

Re-launch Steam and also re-install the game.

Once the installation is complete, test the concern.

If this resolves the worry, you might copy the brand-new documents into the "old_steamapps" folder and also rename it to "steamapps" to gain back your other games without re-downloading.

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If the worry is not reresolved, you have the right to rename the folder back to protect against having actually to re-install various other games.