Skyrim wont load past loading screen

I just tried to run Skyrim and once the splash display appears, I hit "Play." The splash screen blinks and pops up again. Nothing else happens, and also the game does not open up.

I"m stuck in a endmuch less loop :)

It"s not the first time I"ve run the game. I have actually 28 hrs of gameplay already.

I have actually tried:

Restarting my PCRunning Steam as Administrator (if I don"t, I obtain an error message I can"t totally remember, somepoint along the lines of "Skyrim will certainly... Modify your data")

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I"ve fixed it. Steps for those that are having actually the very same difficulties :

Cshed heavy steam (appropriate click on the system tray symbol and pick exit) Go to C:Program Files (x86) or whatever before folder your steam is installedGo to Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Skyrim Delete (or move to desktop computer to avoid worries if it does not work) the SkyrimPrefs.ini file Open Steam and go to : Library > Skyrim > Right Click > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Video Game cache It will download a "missing" file, 22MB or somethingReady to play

I hope this helps various other people through the exact same problem!



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I tried every one of the over plus rerelocating any mods I could discover however still no joy. In the finish I had actually to uninstall, delete the Skyrim folder via any type of mods in it and also reinstall. It"s working fine currently - minus the mods of course. It had been functioning fine formerly via the mods, however the update have to have conflicted with some documents.


I"ve had actually this problem too. I just foracquired to install company pack 3 for home windows after reformating, so examine if you have actually it :)

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