Smite 64 bit or 32 bit

Launching Visual Studio

If nothing happens, download the extension for Visual Studio and try aobtain.

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How to install & usage the regimen Bug Reporting License Contributing to the job and modifying and Compiling the Source


A contemporary and also powerful program to quickly adjust the configuration documents for SMITE PC on Windows.

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported officially, however the routine could work just fine.

How to install & usage the program

Download the regime by heading over to the releases web page and also pick the latest version. If you have actually a 32Bit operating mechanism, downpack the 32Bit variation. If you have a 64Bit operating system, downfill the 64Bit version.

After you have efficiently downloaded the routine upon first time launching it, it is feasible that Windows Smartdisplay is preventing you from opening it. Click on "More info" in the popup and then the "Run anyway" button. The regime will certainly now launch unmuch less your Anti-virus stays clear of it from doing so. After it introduced successfully it will certainly ask you where your configuration documents are situated. Sindicate follow the instructions.


Everypoint else was designed to be simple to understand also. Ssuggest hover over an option and also a assist guideline will pop right into watch, explaining in detail what the setting does and what the recommfinished action is.

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If you cannot be bothered to read the information for eextremely single setting, you have the right to press the "Use high performance Settings" button and also the regimen will set all options to the recommfinished values. After you"ve done that, sindicate hit "Apply Changes" and the program will certainly make alters to your configuration papers, creating a backup of them before that.

If you are unhappy with the outcomes, you can go into the "Restore configurations" tab and reclaim your old configuration records.

Bug Reporting

You may develop an issue on the concerns web page to report a bug.

Remember to explain your worry as good as you can, including screenshots or short recordings of the issue helps immensely.


This regimen is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Click here for more info

Contact: MrRangerLP

Contributing to the job and also editing and also Compiling the Source

Get AutoIt Here

Downpack the repository and make sure to put the .au3 records inside of the /Include folder right into your AutoIt Include folder.

When working on the Source.au3 make sure the /Resource folder is located in the exact same folder as the Source.au3

The Program is incompatible with Virtual Machines as all file operations fail for some reason. Running it as Administrator does not fix this issue.

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Remember to review the License prior to making transforms to the Script and or publishing your transforms.

Anyone might contribute to the task. Once you are done making transforms, fork the SMITE Optimizer repository and commit the alters you"ve made. Once done, open up a pull research. Pull Repursuit documentation