Specified disk is not convertible

Why does vivaworldcup.info.exe tell you that the specified disk is not convertible? In this write-up, you will certainly acquire it answered and also find a solution.

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To execute this using the installation disk, you initially should boot the disc in UEFI mode if you have to transform to GPT utilizing the vivaworldcup.info.exe regulates. Similarly, you will should change the boot mode to Legacy mode prior to you boot the disc if you desire to convert GPT to MBR.


If you still acquire the error “the stated disk is not convertible” as soon as making use of a Windows installation USB or disc, then you will need usage professional partition software to transform the mechanism disk to MBR/GPT. If you use professional partition software you won’t have to wipe all of your data from the drive before converting.

Convert system disk to GPT/MBR without affecting OS

If you don’t want to wipe the tough drive, convert the disk, and also then manually reinstall Windows, you deserve to select to directly transform your mechanism disk to GPT or MBR by using AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. This specialist partition software understands that these 2 partition layouts require different boot modes to fill the operating system, and will certainly take treatment of it for you.

You have the right to refer to the procedures listed below to transform a difficult drive through Windows set up on it either to the GPT or MBR format without shedding information.

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Tip 1. Install and also run AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro.

Step2. Right click the disk that it reflects “digital disk serviceerror the specified disk is not convertible” error message, and also then select the option“Convert to GPT Disk”.


Tip 3. Click “Apply” to start the convariation.


When the convariation has completed, you must boot right into the BIOS to allow UEFI boot mode prior to you deserve to pack Windows. In enhancement to making use of Partition Assistant to convert between MBR to GPT, you have the right to additionally convert a GPT disk (through an OS installed) to MBR. AOMEI Partition Assistant is even smart enough to handle a GPT disk that has actually more than 4 partitions, so you won’t need to delete your partitions in advance.

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If you have already cleaned your hard drive, then you deserve to create a bootable median equipment in AOMEI Partition Assistant to boot the computer system and also convert the disk. In conclusion, AOMEI Partition Assistant have the right to assist you resolve a selection of convariation worries that you could enrespond to consisting of the “specified disk is not convertible” error.

* If you are a Windows Server user, then AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition will certainly administer you with the perfect solution for any kind of errors that you may encounter!