Spotify there is no disk in the drive


Error – Tbelow Is No Disk in the Drive

When you start your computer, you may get the following error message:

Tbelow is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive DeviceHarddiskDr.

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This comes in the create of a popup, and even you click the option to cancel, reattempt, or continue, you just make the popup proceed to come up. The only means to departure the pop-up window is to cshed the procedure in Task Manager.

According to a survey, many kind of Windows users are troubled by the error “there is no disk in the drive, please insert a disk right into drive”. If you perform a Google search, you will certainly find most confmaking use of information related to this issue. Here is an example we extracted from

I just mounted Spiceworks on my Win 7 machine and also currently I am obtaining an error: “spiceworks.exe - No Disk Tright here is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk right into drive DeviceHarddisk1DR1” Read a couple of various other short articles about this however doesn"t seem to be working for me. Let me know what sort of answers you guys find? Thanks!

Generally speaking, this is caused by a removable disk that includes no media. According to, “there is no disk in the drive” can happen once either of the following conditions is true: 

You have actually a removable drive configured as drive letter C.You execute not have a removable disk in the removable disk drive.
Tip: The removable disk right here contains exterior tough drives, USB drives, floppy disk drives, optical drives and also USB multi-card readers.

In light of these potential components that reason this irritating error, we decide to help you via the finest reservices to deal with there is no disk in the drive.

Solution 1. Restart Computer

Have you tried rebeginning the machine? The Windows popup appears because the application is attempting to scan all of the noted drives. If a drive was most likely rerelocated without the OS being aware, no disk in drive error Windows 10/8/7 shows up. Restarting Windows probably fixes it right ameans.

Systems 2. Remove Removable Media

Are you making use of some sorts of removable media on this machine, choose a USB hard drive or CD ROM device? In enhancement, smart phones being associated to your PC periodically deserve to likewise cause this issue. Get them off your PC and have actually a check.

Solution 3. Upgrade or Uninstall

This means is put forward by Spicefunctions users. Generally, as soon as seeing such an error message, we would certainly suspect the problem lies in the application stated in the pop-up home window. According to Spiceworks users’ summary, after upgrading the Spiceworks to the latest variation, “tbelow is no disk in the drive” error no longer happening.

But to some customers, just uninstalling renders feeling. When they reinstall, the error comes back. So we suggest having a shot on upgrading the application which brings the error message to the latest version or uninstalling it and also then having actually a examine.

Equipment 4. Edit Registry

By Google search, you will certainly find this solution is stated in numerous Windows support forums and YouTube channels. Altering your Windows Regisattempt can turn off the error message, not understanding what trouble this would certainly reason.

Tip: If a problem occurs after altering Windows Regisattempt, then you have the right to reverse this solve.

Step 1. Press Success + R secrets to contact out the Run box. Then kind “regedit” in the blank and press OK. Registry Editor will require the user account regulate, click “Yes” when you see it.


Step 2. Now follow this course to reach the ErrorMode essential and make the changes:


Navigate to ErrorMode in the ideal panel.Double click on it and change the value information from 0 to 2.Then adjust the Base from “Hexadecimal” to “Decimal”.Finally, push “OK” to conserve this adjust.


Exit Regisattempt Editor and examine if “tright here is no disk in the drive” concern persists. If this solution does not aid, continue analysis the next one.

Systems 5. Disable Unused Drive in Device Manager

If you have multiple USB media linked and also some of them you will never before use, you might consider disabling such drives.

Tip 1. Press Victory + R to open the Run dialog. Then type “devmgmt.msc” and click OK.


Step 2. In the Device Manager window, expand Disk Drives and also discover the removable drive which keeps reporting “tbelow is no disk in the drive” issue. Then right-click it and also select “Disable”.


Step 3. Immediately you will obtain a message saying “Disabling this device will reason it to soptimal functioning. Do you really desire to disable it?” Right now, click “Yes”.


Tip 4. After rebooting, inspect out whether this issue is fixed or not.

Tip: Next off time as soon as you need to use this removable disk, you simply connect it to your machine, go back to Device Manager and also then allow the removable disk. 

Systems 6: Change Drive Letter

Like what we have pointed out in the over content, if the drive letter C is assigned to an additional removable disk, “tbelow is no disk in the drive” issue have the right to likewise show up.

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To settle no disk in drive error Windows 10/8/7, change the drive letter assignment for the removable drive to any letter other than C. You have the right to use one of the complying with methods: 

Use Partition Manager

First of all, you may consider employing a skilled yet totally free partition manager to perform this as such software generally brings simpler operations. Here MiniDevice Partition Wizard is recommended.

MiniDevice Partition Wizard uses a user-friendly interface and also easy-to-follow instructions. With this freeware, the difficulty of there is no disk in the drive can be perfectly resolved.

Downpack and install it on the computer first and follow the wizard listed below.

Free Download

Launch MiniDevice Partition Wizard Free to get its major interchallenge.Select the partition you desire to readjust its drive letter and pick “Change Drive Letter” from the activity panel.In the pop-up home window, drop dvery own the New Drive Letter box and choose a drive letter you choose. Then push “OK” to confirm.Click “Apply” to save this adjust.


Use Disk Management

In addition to using third-party partition manager, Windows troubleshooting Disk Management energy is an excellent alternative for you to reset drive letter. Here you simply should follow the straightforward measures below:

Insert a removable disk before you start the computer system. Then log on to the computer as Administrator.Right-click on This PC, click Manage and also then Disk Management under Storage.Right-click the partition or volume on the removable disk you desire to change, and also then click “Change Drive Letter and Paths” from the context food selection.In the pop-up home window, click “Change” and then pick the drive letter you desire to usage and also click “OK”.Click “Yes” when you get the message that reads “Some programs that rely on drive letters might not run properly. Do you desire to continue?” Disk Management will certainly complete this task within one minute.

Systems 7. Reformat the Hard Drive

Formatting is helpful and important as soon as your removable drives come to be corrupted, unreadable, inavailable so that “there is no disk in the drive” error occurs. However before, formatting will certainly certainly result in data loss.

Here you have the right to employ the “Copy Partition” function of MiniTool Partition Wizard to ago up the difficult drive.

Free Download

Step 1. Select the removable disk from which you have to conserve data and also pick “Copy Partition” from the activity panel.


Step 2. In the pop-up home window, pick an unalsituated space which is huge enough to save all information on the removable disk and also click “Next”. (Tip: if there is no unalsituated room, you may need to usage “Move/Resize Partition” function to shrink a partition for enough unallocated space.)


Tip 3. Here you deserve to change the newly created partition dimension by dragging the slider bar or keep it that method and also click “Finish”.


Tip 4. Back to the main interchallenge, you deserve to pevaluation the recently produced partition which will organize all information on the removable disk. Finally, you deserve to click “Apply” to execute the partition copy.


Tip: If tright here is more than one partition situated on the removable drive, usage “Copy Disk” function instead. If there are just a few documents you require, you can completely usage Copy & Paste way to save crucial data to a safe place.

After making information backup, it is time to carry out the formatting.

Select the drive to be formatted and pick “Style Partition” from the activity panel.In the pop-up window, choose a file system and click “OK” switch to go earlier to the main interchallenge.Finally, you must click “Apply” button to start the formatting.


Solution 8. Check Disk Errors

It is not difficult that some disk errors can additionally lug “there is no disk in the drive” error. Luckily, through MiniTool Partition Wizard, you have the right to easily have actually a inspect for the removable disk and also settle some errors.

Check Data System

In the major interconfront of MiniTool Partition Wizard Free, discover the removable disk that keeps reporting no disk in the drive error and also pick “Check Documents System” from the activity panel.In the pop-up window, select an choice to inspect the file Here we recommfinish choosing “inspect & solve detected errors”.Finally, click the “Start” switch and wait for MiniDevice Partition Wizard to finish.


Check Bad Sectors

Select the removable disk which you suspect the visibility of negative sectors and pick “Surchallenge Test” from the activity panel.In the pop-up home window, click “Start Now” and also this partition manager will certainly begin scanning every sector of the schosen hard drive, checking for poor sectors. For tough disk errors, they will be marked via red blocks.


When the scanning is finimelted, you know the health and wellness problem of your disk and also whether you need to rearea the difficult drive. If tright here are negative sectors on the removable disk, you need to seek for experienced assist to shield these sectors. If you intfinish to abandon this disk, data rescue should be the first issue.

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Reading below, we guess you have actually learned some solutions to resolve “tright here is no disk in the drive, please insert a disk into drive” error. If you have actually a nice tip, welinvolved leave it in the following comment area, this would help more customers.

For any type of concerns towards making use of MiniDevice Partition Wizard, please contact us by sfinishing an email to . Thanks in advance!



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