Spotify unable to install error code 18

Spotify is one of the finest music streaming platdevelops out tright here, Spotify has a devoted desktop application to make it easier for individuals to stream music on their computer systems. Unfortunately, many kind of Windows customers have actually reported seeing error code 18 while trying to install the Spotify application on their computer systems. Error code 18 is constantly accompanied by a message that reads:

“The installer is unable to install Spotify because the files to create are in usage by one more process. Please make sure Spotify is not running and also retry.”


Error code 18 occurs because papers that are intended to be duplicated over to your computer system and also composed during the installation of Spotify are, for some factor, currently on it and are also in use by an additional process or application while the Spotify installer is trying to perform its job. This is the reason why most of the users influenced by this difficulty view error code 18 while trying to reinstall Spotify after having previously unset up it from their computers. Sometimes when you uninstall an application from your computer, some documents, settings or regisattempt elements pertaining to the application you uninstall are left behind. If these remnants are later provided by one more process or application while you try to reinstall the application you unset up, the reinstallation can fail.

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Thankcompletely, though, gaining error code 18 while trying to install Spotify is not the finish of the world. The complying with are some of the many effective options you can usage to remove error code 18 and efficiently install Spotify:

Equipment 1: End any kind of Spotify processes still running in the background

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch the Task Manager.
Navigate to the Processes tab.
Scroll with the list of procedures presently running on your computer and look for any type of processes through “Spotify” in their name.If you execute not uncover any kind of such processes, this solution isn’t for you and also you should relocate on to an additional one. If you carry out discover any type of such processes, one by one, right-click each one and also click End Process.Click on End procedure in the resulting dialog to confirm the action.Run the Spotify installer and also check out if you are now able to successfully install Spotify on your computer.

Equipment 2: Delete the Spotify folder in your computer’s AppData directory

Press the Windows Logo key + R to open up a Run dialog.Type %appdata% into the Run dialog and also press Enter to open up the AppData magazine in a fresh instance of Windows Explorer.
Locate the Spotify folder in the AppData directory, right-click it and also click Delete.In the resulting popup, click on Yes to confirm the activity and also delete the Spotify folder.Restart your computer system.When your computer system boots up, attempt installing Spotify to see whether or not you’re still obtaining error code 18.

Equipment 3: Delete every file pertaining to Spotify on your computer

Press the Windows Logo key + E to launch the Windows Explorer.
Press Ctrl + F to activate the Search bar directly from your keyboard.Type “spotify” into the Search bar and also press Enter.Wait for Windows Explorer to search the totality of your computer for records via “spotify” in their name and display screen the outcomes to you.Once you have actually the results, press Ctrl + A to pick ALL of the documents.Press Delete.Click on Yes in the resulting popas much as confirm the action and delete every one of the files.Rebegin your computer system.

Once done, attempt installing Spotify and view if it functions now.

Equipment 4: Exit Steam and also then attempt to install Spotify

For some factor, Steam – the computer system gaming platdevelop – has actually a habit of utilizing some of the papers and procedures that are left behind when you uninstall Spotify from your computer system, and also this can result in you acquiring error code 18 once you attempt to reinstall Spotify. Thankcompletely, though, if this is the cause of this difficulty in your case, all you must execute is leave Steam and also you should have the ability to efficiently install Spotify.

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Open Steam.Click on Steam in the top-left side of the window.Click on Exit.Wait for Steam to close entirely.Wait another minute or so just to be safe.Run the Spotify installer and attempt to install Spotify on your computer – if Steam really was the culprit behind the difficulty, Spotify should be installed without fail.

Solution 5: Uninstall any kind of programs interfering with the Spotify installation

Some programs are known to interfere via the Spotify installer and lead to users seeing errors such as error code 18 when they try to install Spotify. Two programs that are specifically recognized to cause this problem are iTunes and also Comoexecute. If you have any type of of these two programs on your computer or one more program that you think might be interfering with the installation of Spotify on your computer system, here’s what you have to do:

Open the Start Menu.Search for “include or remove programs“.Click on the search outcome titled Add or remove programs.Scroll dvery own the list of programs mounted on your computer, situate iTunes, Comodo or whatever other regimen you think could be hindering the installation of Spotify and right-click on it.Click on Uninstall.Go via the wizard to uninstall the routine.Once the regime has been unmounted, restart your computer.When your computer boots up, run the Spotify installer. The Spotify installation need to now go with successfully.If Spotify is efficiently mounted on your computer system, you deserve to go ahead and also reinstall the program you formerly uninstalled to get the Spotify installation to succeed.

Some Spotify customers have additionally reported error code 18 popping up while they try to launch Spotify. If you’re acquiring error code 18 while trying to launch Spotify, sindicate uninstall Spotify from your computer system and also then use the following remedies to try and also solve the issue:

Systems 1: Boot your computer in to and also out of Safe Mode

Sometimes, all it takes to get rid of error code 18 on a Windows computer is to boot the computer system in to Safe Boot and also then out of it. In order use this solution, you need to:

Press the Windows Logo crucial + R to open up a Run dialog.Type msconfig into the Run dialog and also press Enter.Navigate to the Boot tab of System Configuration.Under the Boot alternatives section, examine the Safe boot alternative.Click on Apply.Click on OK.Rebegin your computer. When your computer system boots up, it will certainly boot into Safe Mode.When your computer system boots up, repeat procedures 16, but this time uncheck the Safe boot option in action 4 rather of checking it.Restart your computer, and also this time it will certainly boot out of Safe Mode and also boot up exactly how it usually does.

When your computer system boots up, run the Spotify installer, install Spotify and check to watch whether or not the trouble still persists.

Systems 2: Boot your computer system up through all services disabled, and also then enabled

Press the Windows Logo crucial + R to open a Run dialog.Type msconfig right into the Run dialog and press Enter.Navigate to the Services tab of System Configuration.Click on Disable all.Click on Apply.Click on OK.Rebegin your computer system. When your computer system boots up, it will act a little bit weird and you will not be associated to the internet – yet that’s entirely fine.Repeat actions 16, but this time click on Enable all in step 4 rather of clicking Disable all.Restart your computer, and also this time it will boot up with every one of its services allowed, favor it generally does.

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When your computer boots up, run the Spotify installer, install Spotify and also examine to watch if error code 18 still pops up.