Star wars battlefront 2 crash when starting game

If STAR WARS Battlefront II crashes constantly and randomly on your COMPUTER, don’t worry, this overview deserve to aid you solve the problem.

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Method #2

Did you install MSI Afterburner, RivaTuner Statistics Server, or any kind of comparable software program on your PC? If yes, it can the difficulty.You can perdevelop a clean boot on your Windows PC, so that you deserve to recognize whether one of those background programs is interfering via STAR WARS Battlefront 2.Type msconfig in the Windows search bar.Press Go into keyGo to the Services tab.Select “Hide all Microsoft services”Then click the “Disable all” switch.
Select “Custom size“Set the “Initial size” to the Recommended worth under “Total paging file size for all drives”Set the “Maximum size” to your system’s total memory. You have the right to enter the adhering to values according to the physical memory current on your PC:8 GB RAM: 1024 x 8 = 819216 GB RAM: 1024 x 16 = 1638432 GB RAM: 1024 x 32 = 32768Click Set button.Then click OK and also restart your PC.If your PC has a tiny amount of RAM (8 GB or less), you may experience high memory consumption. That’s why you must close applications such as Chrome, Firefox prior to starting the game.

Method #4

In some situations, this worry is brought about by overlays. I recommfinish turning off your Discord, Nvidia GeForce Experience and also Steam overlays.Discord Overlay:Open DiscordClick the User Settings icon.Go to the Overlay under the Gaming Settings area.Toggle “Enable in-game overlay” to off.

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Steam Overlay:Go to your libraryRight-click on STAR WARS Battlefront 2Select PropertiesOn the General tab, uninspect the “Enable Steam Community In-Game“.GeForce Experience Overlay:At the bottom best corner of the display screen, right-click the Nvidia symbol.Select NVIDIA GeForce ExperienceGo to the SettingsToggle “In-Game Overlay” to off.

Method #5

You need to repair Battlefront 2’s files.

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Epic Games Launcher:Run the Epic Games launcherGo to Library menuNavigate to STAR WARS Battlefront IIClick on the 3 dotsSelect VerifyOrigin:Go to the “My Game Library” page on the Origin launcher.Right-click on STAR WARS Battlefront IISelect RepairrepairSteam:Go to your library list on SteamRight-click on STAR WARS Battlefront IISelect PropertiesGo to the Local Files tab.Click the “Verify Integrity of Video Game Files” buttonAfter the file verification is finish, rebegin Steam.Finally, I imply you update your graphics drivers and reduced the graphics settings.Last Updated on 29 January, 2021 3:57 pm EST