Star wars the old republic crash on startup

HERE IS WHAT FIXED IT FOR ME FOR ANY UNFORTUNATE SOUL WHO IS TRYING TO PLAY THIS GAME BUT CANNOT. I STILL ADVISE YOU TRY EVERYTHING YOU"VE READVERTISEMENT IN OTHER THREADS REGARDING THIS ISSUE ON LAUNCHING WITH WINDOWS 10, BUT THIS IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME AND IT WAS NOT POSTED ANYWHERE, SO HERE"S HOPING IT HELPS SOMEONE ELSE:PLUG IN YOUR AUDIO INTERFACE OR SPEAKERS INTO USB 3.0 INSTEADVERTISEMENT OF A USB 2.0 PORT (TYPE A). INSANE SOLUTION, BUT IT WORKED FOR ME. SEE Y"ALL IN THE REPUBLIC!Anyone out there please I"ve tried so a lot. This game is refmaking use of to play for me as soon as I push the play switch on the launcher. It opens up to a frozen picture then automatically closes without time to press anypoint or at leastern an error message. I"ve contacted EA and that was a whole bust- I"m just gonna post my fruitmuch less Reddit write-up and hope someone here deserve to aid me? Maybe even a developer?I message you all really in a state of pity right here. I have tried literally everything to make this game job-related because I want to play and attempt it so bad. Basically, whenever I push play in the launcher, the game will certainly open for a brief minute and then close without any type of error message. Here are the points I"ve tried.altering .ini filesturning off fullscreen optimizationsturning on run as administrator on papers such as and also launcher.execreated firewall inbound and also outbound exclusions for the records over and also others such as the bitraider exe"supdated chauffeurs, GeForce Experience, DirectX, everything checkedrebooting computer system several dozen times. Complete shutdvery own then boot up.Clean boot via literally every process turned off during boot and still no avail on launch.I have contacted EA/ support over the phone and they had me execute a Launcher Repair toolkit that had actually us start reinstalling the game. When asked to continue to be on the line, the male sassist it would be a long time and he was sure I might follow the instructions to move forward. He assured me that this would certainly be the solution and that he was emailing me last actions. The phone speak to ended after an hour and also all I gained was an email saying to clean boot after doing the launcher repair. Attempted that and also still nothing.Have tried running the programs on Windows 7 and also 8 compatibility modes.Have unmounted and reinstalled multiple times, however I have to say uninstalling this is really maze-favor and I am left wondering if there is any type of residual records I am failing to uninstall effectively.Have tried deleting very BitRaider folder and uninstalling BitRaider, nothing.Even tried a full recollection on my computer system... nopoint.I am begging anyone to help me out right here. I subbed for a month out of excitement and also I doubt I"m getting that money earlier
I simply desire to play via everyone and the truth that this is so frustrating and also it appears tright here are multiple customers having this worry as soon as I look around. I am on a Windows 10 x64 little computer system that can run the majority of contemporary AAA games at 4k 60fps. I am simply baffled at just how crazy impossible it is to get into this game that seems to be launching a new expansion? Someone please. Thank you.

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You say you updated motorists, but did you update ALL your chauffeurs - audio, chipset, LAN, and so on - or simply the graphics driver?Also attempt reestablishing your computer"s BIOS/CMOS/UEFI. You deserve to either usage the hardware jumper on the motherboard, or enter the BIOS/UEFI during boot-up. (examine the motherboard and/or computer system maker"s hands-on.) Once you"re in the BIOS, choose "Load Defaults" or words to that impact, to eliminate any rogue settings causing timing difficulties.Many of these "crashes after update" problems are the outcome of new graphical or audio attributes in the new growth that reason disputes via vehicle drivers, that didn"t show up previously.

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Okay, so you saying somepoint around audio drivers peaked my interest to yesterday when I noticed the game closed immediately after plugging in my Scarlett 2i4 audio interconfront into its USB port, the game would certainly simply cshed. Immediately after I made sure I had vehicle drivers and still currently every little thing seems fine, butI"ve noticed as soon as I plug in the interconfront it constantly crashes and when it is unplugged (so playing without audio right into my speakers) the game launches fine. So, it appears that somepoint with my interface being plugged in is interfering which is stvariety due to literally no other game I"ve played (and that is a few) not reacting in the same method. The motorists are still 100% updated for the interface, so I am at a loss. Any ideas?