Stardew valley wont load saved game

Stardew Valley is a video clip game publiburned by Chucklefish back in 2016. The game is a farming simulation through a 10 out of 10 rating on Steam. The game quickly obtained its reputation because of the relaxing atmosphere gave in the game paired via interesting in-game activities. However, now and then, individuals are caught in the middle of an worry wbelow the game falls short to pack. This concern has actually been reported by many type of users in the previous and unluckily, the worry still roams about.

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Opening up the AppdataRoaming DirectoryLocate the Stardew Valley folder and also double-click it to open it up.Look for the startup_preferences file and cut it to Desktop.Launch the game aobtain.

Note: Also, make certain that you have proved the Steam Files and if that doesn’t fix the worry for you, try to contact customer support.

Solution 5: Repair XNA Installer

It is possible that in some situations the XNA Installer on your computer might not be correctly set up or its files might’ve been corrupted over time. Therefore, in this step, we will be repairing its installation from the already current installer that is existing in the installation folder of the game. For that:

Right-click the Stardew shortcut on your desktop and also pick “Open File Location” from the food selection.Open file locationNavigate via the adhering to folders.

_CommonRedist” > XNA> 4.0In this folder, run the “xnafx40_redist” installer and wait for it to be released.After it is introduced, click on the “Repair” option and also select “Next”.Make sure to run this installer on your computer and also inspect to view if the issue persists.If this folder isn’t existing, open up the “_Redist” folder inside the game folder and also install all the executables current inside it aobtain.Check to check out if doing that fixes the worry.

Systems 6: Remove Launch Options

If you run the game without SMAPI modding structure then you must make sure that you haven’t still collection the Launch Options command. If the Launch choices command also has actually been set and also the SMAPI Modding Framework-related isn’t being used, the error can be triggered. As such, in this step, we will certainly be removing it from the game launcher. For that:

Launch Steam and click on the Library Options.Library In SteamIn the Steam library, right-click the “Stardew Valley” choice and also select “Properties”In the General Tab, click on the “Set launch options” button and make that tright here aren’t any type of launch options collection in this window.

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Setting launch options in SteamIf any launch alternatives have actually been collection for the game, remove them and also inspect to watch if doing so fixes the worry on your computer.

Equipment 7: Taking Folder Ownership (MAC)

It is possible that on your MacPublication, you haven’t properly granted the game access to a folder wbelow it needs to compose in order for the game to job-related. As such, in this step, we will certainly be executing a command inside the mac terminal which should approve you access to the folder and also the error will certainly be resolved. For that:

Click on the “Search” icon on your mac which should be on the top right.Type in “Terminal” in the search bar and also click on the first choice.
Search for “terminal”Type in the following command inside the terminal and also press “Enter” to execute it on your MacBook. Make certain to change the “User” through your “Username”.

superform chvery own -v “$USER” ~/.configAfter executing this command also, inspect to check out if the game works on your mac.

Equipment 8: Renaming Some Steam Files

It is possible that some records inside the primary vapor installation folder have been corrupted as a result of which this worry is being motivated on your computer system. Thus, in this action, we will be renaming these papers so that Steam can regenerate them upon startup and then check if doing so fixes the issue via Stardew not launching. For that:

Right-click on the Steam icon on your desktop and then click the “Open Data Location” switch.

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Steam – Open Documents LocationThis must take you to the main directory of the Steam installation.Inside this catalog, right-click the “GameOverlayRenderer64.dll” and also select the “Rename” choice from the food selection.Renaming the FileRename this file to “GameOverlayRenderer64.bak” and also save your transforms.After renaming this file, run the Steam.exe to launch Steam.If Steam asks, offer it permission to regeneprice the file and examine to see if the worry persists after doing so.

Solution 9: Closing out of Background Applications and also Services

It is possible that some applications running on your computer’s background or some background solutions could be avoiding your game from being able to fill properly. First of all, attempt closing out of the MSI Afterburner or any type of related applications and also then inspect if the game functions. If it doesn’t, we will certainly need to perdevelop some further troubleshooting. For that: