Steam download stuck at 99

I am having some trouble launching Steam. My COMPUTER was out of my residence country for nearly a year while I was transforming jobs.

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I am founding up a COMPUTER after almost a year. The PC stayed in Spain, while I was altering work. I lastly have it. :-)

I got a technician to verify that all parts are working appropriately.

I acquired all excited and also started Steam to get this display.


Since then each time I begin Steam, very same progression. It never goes beyond the 99% screen. My HDD are not grinding etc. I have actually enough RAM about 8 GB.

Can someone skilled in this help?

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asked Jan 24 "13 at 15:46

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The referrals over at the Steam forums are to permit Steam to complete updating while running Windows in Safe Setting - presumably some background application (prefer a 3rd party firewall or antivirus program) is preventing Steam from updating in these instances.

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To rebegin your computer in Safe Setting with Netfunctioning support you can carry out the following;

Load up Steam, wait till it"s stuck on 99%.Press "Start" switch, type "msconfig" into the search bar and push enter.Under the "Boot" tab where the "Boot options" are, tick "Safe boot" then pick "Network".Restart your computer and allow it to load up in safe mode.Everything will many likely look massive and ugly.Load up Steam, when it completes the update, log in.Press "Start" button, kind "msconfig" into the search bar and press enter.Under the "Boot" tab wright here the "Boot options" are, un-tick "Safe boot".Rebegin in to normal Windows.Run Steam successfully.

As an alternative to running msconfig to force Safe Mode via Networking, it is feasible to accomplish the same effect by pressing F8 at the correct point during Windows startup (simply before the Windows logo first appears, after the power on self test has completed).

This of course, might not be the just solution to the trouble you"re experiencing. One other suggestion for readdressing this difficulty is that by closing Steam and also then deleting the clientregisattempt.blob file from within your Steam installation folder, you can finish updating the Steam client efficiently.

Finally one various other solution that I haven"t come throughout before is using a energy referred to as TCPView to close the link from Steam during the upday procedure, after it has actually stalled. This is detailed below in this Steam forum write-up and involves using a complimentary Microsoft Sysinternals application dubbed TCPView. The details on exactly how to attain this are as follows;

Extract and run the TCPView.exe application onlyOpen the Steam, when it hangs in the time of updating, open up the TCPView.exe and also discover heavy steam.exe inside the TCPView.exe programRight click Steam.exe inside the TCPView programme and also click close link.

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It can additionally simply be that in the year or so because you"ve last offered Steam on this computer system it needs to downfill a sizeable update, which might take some time. The Steam updater deserve to leave itself in a place wright here it looks choose it"s doing nopoint yet might call for simply a tiny patience prior to it springs earlier right into life.