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Sorry in breakthrough, I"m new to the civilization of modding. I just bought a ssd, i would certainly choose to deliver all the documents of Fallout 4, the conserves and also NMM from my actual hard drive to this new ssd. I"m afrhelp of corrupting my conserves by relocating mods ... etc So deserve to you tell me how to do that, it would really aid me 



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I provided to relocate my whole installation in between 2 pcs earlier and also forward all the moment. I"m not giving you any kind of guarantee that this will job-related for you but this is how I have done it multiple times.

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First: Tright here is no need to move the save records. They are keep within the documents folder of your user profile (C:/user//documents). It is feasible to relocate the whole papers folder over to the ssd however not really worth it considering that the save papers are not that substantial in dimension. Second: You will certainly should reinstall the game and nmm in order to correctly upday all the paths yet do not worry this will be fairly simple and painless.

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So here we go:


You carry out this at your own risk!


Backup everythingAnd by "everything" I intend the complying with directories:- The entire FO4 game catalog "steamappscommonFallout 4"- The appinformation folder "C:Users\AppDataLocalFallout4" (This is where you would find the fill order file for example)- The "Install Info" and also "Mods" folder of NMM (If you do not recognize wright here those folder are located click on the little arrowhead left of the gear wheel symbol in NMM and click on "open NMMs mods folder") Make certain you backed up everything! Back-up done? Now uninstall Fallout 4 through Steam and uninstall NMM. Sound crazy right?- Make sure that all records are deleted since Steam for example won"t delete the papers set up by a mod Downfill Fallout 4 aacquire however this time pick the ssd as your Steam library- Once downloaded begin the game at leastern once. You deserve to quit as soon as you are in the menu Reinstall NMM and pick the ssd as the new location- Quit NNM for the next step!! Now you should copy the papers from your backapproximately the brand-new destination and also override anypoint if asked- So the whole FO4 folder into the brand-new Steam library- The whole content of the appdata folder. This folder will always store its area and shouldn’t be readjusted.- The “Install Info” and also “Mods” folder  Now begin NMM aobtain and you should see all your mods as they used to be. Check the plugins tab to make certain all the esp’s are active Start the game and also gain.