Steam how to disable family view




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Hi, a couple of days earlier, my account obtained hacked right into and the hacker seems to have actually readjusted every little thing. Luckily, i was a bee to retrieve it and readjust some components earlier to normal, but, i cannot change the family members view due to the wrong recovery email. My recoextremely address is andrugtsagtenzin So, just how deserve to i readjust that? I have to change my recoincredibly resolve.P.S i know i am on the stupid side for offering the male my account and password. I am a complete on idiot.
Thanks for the help. However, I looked at the actions for seeing up the family see although it was currently erected by the other dude (Hacker). Tright here is no indication on how to change my recoincredibly address/email and also as soon as i attempt to set up the family see in my heavy steam client by going to choices, given that that seems to be the "settings" food selection for mac, nopoint happens no issue how many times i press it.

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Contact Steam Support. i already did. I contacted them yesterday an today. So, it"s just a matter of patience currently, i guess.
did you solve it? hope you do :) Thanks for your concern. And no, i contacted valve and they still haven"t responded. :(
Damn, I have the same trouble. Steam requirements to work on this, come on guys. Yep, i contacted support about 5 days back and also they still haven"t responded. So, i wrote one more research. Their assistance system is yet, incredibly bad and also time-consuming.

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Ok. I have actually gained a message from steam support and also in orde to remove the fanily pin or get accessibility, you need to administer your purchase info: card digits snd deal with. Thabks, vapor support.

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