Stop mic from picking up keyboard

How to minimize key-board noise in Discord.

Updated: 23 Jan, 2020


There is an excellent chance if you play games online, you’ve heard about Discord. With over 130 million customers, the 5-year-old, straightforward to use voice chat company has actually taken the gaming people by storm. No matter what game you play, from Call of Duty to World of Warcraft, you have most likely come throughout Discord.

Today, in the age of the mechanical key-board, maintaining your comms clear and noise free while furiously spamming hottricks is harder than ever. The last point you or your friends want during a gaming session is someone drowning out the voice chat with their mechanical keyboard.

But fear not, in this guide, we’ll cover tips and also approaches that will certainly help you alleviate undesirable key-board noises, to help save you and your friends happy and sane while gaming.

Buy a "silent" mechanical keyboard

The specifying feature of a mechanical keyboard is the switches underneath each key.

Contrasted to a lot of mainstream keyboards that usage a plastic membrane, these switches offer mechanical keyboards a distinct tactical feedback while keying. While they might feel good to type via, the trade-off is extra noise.

If you are looking to make the switch to a mechanical key-board and also desire to be noise aware take into consideration purchasing one with a quieter switch form. Normally “Red”, “Black” or “Brown” switches are the quietest while “Blue” and also “Green” switches are loud. While a quieter switch won’t eliminate every one of the noise, the reduction have the right to aid.

If you are interested in hearing the various switches for yourself, examine out this brief sound comparichild video.

“Silence” your mechanical keyboard

If you’ve already invested in an expensive mechanical keyboard and don’t want to component methods, take into consideration this little little bit of DIY.

O-rings, tiny silicone rings, have the right to be installed on the keycap stems to minimize the “clack” from key’s bottoming out. O-rings work by avoiding the key’s stem hitting the key-board plate when pressed down, therefore eliminating the “click” noise.

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Installation is a hand-operated process (right here is a much more comprehensive guide), that needs you to rerelocate all of your keycaps, install the O-rings, then rearea all keycaps. A set of O-Ring key-board switch dampeners will commonly set you earlier anywhere from $5 to $20.

While these will certainly minimize the audible click as soon as the crucial bottoms out, it doesn’t prevent the noise when the key springs earlier up.

Optimizing your microphone setup

Setting up your microphone optimally deserve to make a vast affect reducing noise. Microphones come in many shapes and also sizes, and also we’ve outline tips based upon which form it is listed below.

Deskoptimal / Studio Positioning

Eextremely microphone has actually a residential or commercial property recognized as directionality. This shows from which direction and also angle the microphone best picks up sound. Some microphones also incorporate controls on them that let you change the directionality.

Example"s of various directionalities, sounds exterior the suggested area are picked up less.
Example"s of different directionalities, sounds exterior the shown area are picked up much less.

If your microphone is unidirectional or cardioid (picks up sound even more from one direction) positioning can help.

You desire to position the microphone so that it encounters in the direction of you, while your keyboard and also mouse are behind it.

See the picture to the ideal for an example of this in practice.

See the photo to the below for an example of this in exercise.

Positioning a microphone to maximize a user"s voice, while ignoring potential noise resources.

This will certainly maximize the volume from your voice, and also minimize keying noises.

Not sure what your microphone’s directionality is? Try googling the name of the microphone via the keyword “directionality”. Many manufacturers will disclose that information.

Positioning a microphone to maximize a user"s voice, while ignoring potential noise resources.
Headcollection Positioning

Headset microphones by virtue of being closer to your mouth, commonly pick up much less key-board noise. If you are buying a new microphone, and also it"s the main function is voice chat while gaming, think about picking up a headcollection.

One downside is, that they have the right to be even more vulnerable to breathing and plosives noises. To prevent this, encertain the headset’s microphone is positioned simply past the corner of your mouth. Not in front of your mouth or nose.

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Proper headcollection microphone placement.

The microphone will still be able to hear you clearly, yet avoid any type of plosive distortion from breapoint.

Ideal headcollection microphone placement.


Discord Balance the input sensitivity

By default, Discord tries to immediately recognize the sound input level essential to activate your microphone. Most of the time, this works good, but with a loud keyboard in the mix, manual tuning deserve to execute a better task.

In Discord"s Settings:

Under “Voice & Video”, rotate off “Automatically recognize input sensitivity”
Tweak the "Input Sensitivity" slider below, and via trial and error, try and also find a setting that triggers when you talk, however not when you form.

Getting a perfect balance can be tricky, and if you are struggling try the suggestions below instead.

Use Push To Talk

"Push To Talk" works by un-muting your microphone as soon as a hot-crucial is pressed down. When you “push” a button, you “talk” and also hence proccasion any kind of unwanted noises instantly coming through. It can take a little obtaining used too and requires a little bit more cognitive overhead while gaming.

In Discord"s Settings:

Under “Voice & Video” adjust the Input Mode to “Push To Talk”.
Click on the "Shortcut" field to modify the Keybind.

Consider making use of a side buttons on your mouse, or CAPSLOCK as a keybind. They typically are not bound in games and thus won"t cause an action leading to a problem.

Noise Blocker

We built Noise Blocker to assist address a large variety of undesirable noises without affecting speech top quality. Noise Blocker is an effective, however basic to setup noise gate, that have the right to be conveniently customized to proccasion incoming keystroke noise being picked up by your microphone.

Download and install Noise Blocker, then follow the instructions listed below.

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Note: If you favor, you have the right to watch a video clip of exactly how to stop key-board noise in Noise Blocker in under a minute.

Open Noise Blocker

Under the “Noises” list, click “Add”. Hit “Record”, to record a sample of the noise. Hit “Play” to listen ago and confirm the recording. If happy through it, label it then hit “Save” (or hit “Record” to re-record). Repeat and record as many type of samples as essential for the offending noises (for example one each for static, fan noise, key-board or mouse clicks).
Adjust the “Noise Reduction” and also “Threshold” settings slowly so that your voice still comes through, but the offending noises are blocked. Tip: Using "Listen to this Device" for audio feedearlier.

In Discord, we need to switch to use Noise Blocker"s digital microphone.

In Discord"s Settings:

Under “Input Device” select “Microphone (Noise Blocker Virt”
Encertain the Input Mode is “Voice Activity” and also “Automatically recognize input sensitivity” is allowed.

And that"s it!