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Is tright here any type of way to force/disable Windows 10 function updays from installing and only keep "Security only" updates ? This so referred to as "Feature updates" are joke and introduce even more and even more bugs quite than fixes.

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You deserve to usage this overview to disable Windows 10 updates.

Also, if you desire to arrangement the installation of just protection updates, I think you must usage a third-party application choose Action1. Check this connect please Install Windows Updays Remotely

If you are all set to clean install windows, you can clean install it in a online difficult drive.

Then it receives protection updates yet not attribute updays. Of course, you have the right to just carry out that for 18 months maximum.

1. Type regedit in RUN or Start search box and press Get in. It'll open up Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following key:


3. Create a brand-new vital under Windows vital and also set its name as WindowsUpdate. If the vital is already existing, skip to following step.


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Now in right-side pane, create a brand-new DWORD DisableOSUpgrade and collection its worth to 1

5. Aget go to adhering to vital in Registry Editor:


6. Create a brand-new key under WindowsUpdate vital and also set its name as OSUpgrade

7. Now in right-side pane, create a new DWORD AllowOSUpgrade and also set its value to 0

8. Close Regisattempt Editor and rebegin your computer to take impact.

Now Windows 10 will certainly not upgrade to new feature update in your computer.

PS: In future, if you want to install function update, delete both DWORDs produced in steps 4 and also 7

I think.

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Original Poster11 months ago

I'm not also going to bother myself with regisattempt alters, Windows ignores them anyway, This Windows 10 operating system is a nightmare to usage however many thanks for recommendation.

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11 months ago

I used Winaero Tweaker to modify updates (in the Behavior section). It's a complimentary regimen. You have the right to adjust lots of settings through it. Used it for many kind of years.

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Initial Poster11 months ago

I will certainly should inspect it out. Thanks

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