Surface mouse pad not working

I bought my Surface Laptop 2 in December 2018 and also from then till about 2 weeks earlier the touchpad was functioning. I stopped making use of it for a week or so and when I turned the computer earlier on the touchpad appeared to be a little stselection. With time scrolling became even more difficult as as soon as I tried to click somepoint or scroll dvery own, the cursor would select every little thing and also highlight all the message or photos on my page. At first, it did not take place too often but as the week goes on the touchpad simply gets worse.

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Now if I attempt to use the touchpad to execute anything other than relocating the cursor it does not respond at all and once it does it highlights whatever on the display. I have resorted to utilizing a Bluetoothmouse which is working.

Is tright here anything I can perform to try and also solve these problems?

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Replied on April 4, 2019

Thank you for posting your problem here.

We really sorry for the inconvenience that has actually led to you on your Surface touchpad that won"t job-related properly. We really understand also that this is vital additionally with you. There"s a different of probable reasons why this happening to your Surchallenge Type Cover. This could be a software application related worry which can be resolved by doing troubleshooting measures. This might also be hardware problem.

For us to much better understand that concern, please answer the questions;

Is there any type of alters on the Surchallenge gadget prior to this problem happened?Have you tried any kind of troubleshooting actions on your Surconfront touchpad? If yes, what are those steps?

Here are the few things we can very suggests you do;

Step 1: Press and also hold the power button for 20 seconds.The Surconfront may boot to UEFI. This is normal. Please exit UEFI display.(The tool might be in a “hung” state. Force Surconfront to completely turn off all power and restart.

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Percreating a required shutdown is like removing the battery from a laptop or unplugging a desktop COMPUTER. It resets the hardware and clears all the cache and memory for your hardware)

Step 2:We will certainly make certain your Surchallenge gadget is up-to-date. To check the updays, go toSetups > Update and Security > Windows Upday, on the ideal side please tap/click the button "Check for updates" for us to know if there"s any kind of pfinishing updates that demands to be set up on your Surchallenge device.(Note: If there"s any kind of pending upday on your Surchallenge gadget, please carry out the upday and also while the Surface gadget is downloading/installing the updays, please execute not percreate any steps on your Surchallenge tool, let the Surface tool totally installed the updates).

Step 3: Please download and also run the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit on this link it is a self-healing tool which looks for potential worries and fixes them, and ensures your device is completely up to date. The tool takes around 15-30 minutes to run.

Step 4: Uninstall/R-install Keyboard driver.On your Surconfront Lapoptimal, at the lower left edge in search box, please search for "Device Manager"then enter. On the pop-up window for Device Manager, at the top there"s a tab for"Data, Action, View and also Help" tab. Please click/tap the"View" tab then tap/click the Sjust how Hidden Devices. On the exact same pop-up home window, please tap/click the "Keyboard" then there"s a drop-down for"HID Keyboard Device" kindly click/tap on each and also then tap/click "Uninstall device"click/tap "Uninstall".

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In order to re-install the keyboard driver, pleaseRESTART the Surface tool so that the software/firmware will refresh.