Switch turns on when docked

My Switch simply turns on once I take it out of the dock or plug it in to charge. Is tbelow a way to disable this so it remains off unless only as soon as I rotate it on?



Is the dock plugged in? Since if it is, that"s perfectly normal. The Switch, no matter docked or not, transforms on if you plug in the power cable, even if it is to ssuggest charge it up. There"s sadly no way to rotate that off.

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When you put it in its to notify you it has a charge and also is in truth charging. Taking it out is the exact same however in reverse

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It"s frustrating. It"s like Nintenexecute wants our batteries to die as conveniently as feasible so that we all have to buy replacement batte.... oh wait...

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GoldenGamer88 wrote:

Is the dock plugged in? Since if it is, that"s perfectly normal. The Switch, no issue docked or not, turns on if you plug in the power cable, also if it is to ssuggest charge it up. There"s sadly no way to revolve that off.

But the 3DS and Wii U gamepad you have the right to plug it in to charge and it doesn"t rotate on. The exact same must be for the Switch as soon as it"s plugged in or taken out of dock if its power was off.

Don That"s just how it is. I don"t recognize if, or more exactly I doubt, it can be adjusted through update. Accepting that"s just exactly how thing are is the ideal thing to execute here.

You should"ve watched me back in March all ranting around just how the Switch"s Joy-Cons and also Pro Controllers should have actually had Power switch that turned the console off completely so you can revolve it off totally from the comfort of wherever you"re playing your games from. But given that the power cable is switching the consingle back on if plugged into the Switch herself or the dock, I doubt a Power button prefer via Gamepad or an alternative in the menus choose PS4 would have operated. Anymethod, I"ve gained accustomed to all that in the matter of a week or two so at the finish, you may uncover your present concerns not that big a deal.

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Plus, many type of other devices prefer smartphones or tablets also rotate on if plugged in to charge.

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ZurapiiYohaneIf Switch is in sleep mode when you dock it, it will not turn the TV on and also switch inputs. The Switch is designed to never truly be powered off- as discussed before your battery will last much longer if you sindicate use sleep mode.

So if you are docking and also desire to play on TV, tap the home switch to wake it up first, then dock and it"ll activate TV power on and also switch inputs for you. If you are docking and execute not desire to play on TV, ssuggest dock while in sleep mode and nothing will certainly happen, and it will certainly start charging.

I think many of people"s issues carried up in this threview are an outcome of trying to revolve Switch all the way off. If you just readjust to exactly how it was designed, and usage sleep mode, it"s such a smooth endure it"s difficult to believe Nintencarry out actually made it.

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Jesus is Lord.

I just want to recognize if there is a means to fully turn off the Switch, while docked, and also NOT have actually it then charge repetitively even though it"s not in sleep mode

I just hate the assumed of what it can be doing to the battery, as I store mine docked and also turned off properly, and yet it"s always at 100% once I revolve it on.

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I know that shouldn"t really be a complaint per se, however sucount if I revolve it off effectively at 100% battery, leave it docked, and then don"t play on it for say, 3 weeks, the battery need to have gone dvery own.

The only thing I can think of is to turn it off at the mains or unplug the power chord, which I really do not desire to problem about doing each time