Switching hard drives between laptops

My dell laptop has actually a broken power button so I am not able to turn on my laptop. I still have actually warranty on the laptop so Dell wants me to sfinish it out to them to fix it...but, there"s one difficulty. I have actually some sensitive personal data saved on the laptop that I would certainly not desire to be compromised that was saved on the desktop computer of my old lapoptimal. So my question is this: just to be safe, would it be possible to buy a brand also new computer system of the exact same make, version, and so on, take out the difficult drive from my old lapheight, and also put it in the brand-new lapoptimal, and hence transport the data. Will the brand-new computer boot up via the old tough drive, and will my information still be there?

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Yes... As lengthy as you get a new laptop that is the same, or practically the same, placing the tough drive from computer system A right into computer system B it will certainly be as if it was computer system A, other than a brand-new lapheight.

Minor difference would be OK, like original had 4GB of RAM and new one has 8GB of RAM. As long as the core hardware is identical (CPU, chipsets, GPU, etc), it will work-related fine.


If the only issue is the sensitive information, you can ssuggest buy a sata-to-usb adapter pull the drive on the broken computer system and also plug right into a various computer. If the data was on your desktop you"d find the papers (depending upon your windows version) in c:usersdesktop. Delete or copy them, relocation the difficult drive in the broken computer system and send to Dell via no issues.


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