Swtor failed to initialize web browser

Hello, I just downloaded this game and also was looking forward to playing it, yet, I save trying to launch it and also a little home window pops up and also claims "Faibrought about initialize web browser". I've googled it endlessly and have actually literally tried eextremely solution I've found and it still won't launch. I desire to play this game, and also I want to possibly offer BioWare my money, yet they're making it so hard for me to perform so. Any assist is appreciated, thank you.

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Hello MrFatCactus

Here are a few links that might be valuable through widespread worries with the game:

All account and also billing troubles should be readdressed through calling their customer assistance hotline.

Methods of contacting BioWare's official assistance if you continue to have actually a problem:

It is recommfinished that you don't write-up on the Customer Service Forums: the customer service reps don't check out them and also a article a while back by the official BioWare Community Team recommends not depending on them for the time being. However before, old articles still have actually great recommendations for resolving certain troubles.

Please be aware that r/swtor is not an main resource of technical support: usage at your own hazard.

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