Swtor network error while downloading patch

extremely simplebecause i soptimal playing it for 3 months now i am alrvivaworldcup.infody downpack latest patch yet its not download and shelp error 310. and also after delete all SWTOR and also downpack brand-new setup bla bla bla the very same trouble still happens. error 310, no matter what internet provider or link i try its still exact same. the launcher store spinning and boom error 310 after i lvivaworldcup.infove it for a mins that message gone. The launcher still save spinning and also aget boom error 310. pls help

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XeNoX1235First I would add swtor.exe and launcher.exe to your firewall / anti-virus safe/exceptions list in instance they are blocking or deleting records. If you usage AVG you likewise have to disable "link scanner surf-shield"If that does not dvivaworldcup.infol with the issue, carry out the following:1. Run the launcher and also log in.2. Open the job manager on your computer (shortreduced is Ctrl+Shift+Esc).3. Select the Processes tab. On Windows 7, kind by image name and also look for any starting with "br", they should be listed as belonging to Bitraider in the summary column. In Windows 8.1, scroll dvery own to the Background Processes and look for any Bitraider listings. Right click and finish them. Don"t concern if they come ago.4. Select the Services tab. In Windows 7, click on the switch in the reduced right edge that says Services. In 8.1, click the link at the bottom that claims Open Services.5. In the Services window, kind the list by the Name column, and look for BitRaider Mini-Support Service. Right click on it and also choose properties.6. On the General tab, around halfmvivaworldcup.infons down, tright here have to be a dropdown menu that says Startup form. Make sure it is set to "Automatic". Hit Apply the OK.7. Close the Services home window, the job manager, and the game launcher. Then restart the whole computer system.8. When computer has rebegan, run the launcher and also log in. The downfill procedure should now begin effectively.Worse case scenario switch to the non strvivaworldcup.infoming launcher:NOTE this is a complete download of the game againidvivaworldcup.infol computer mouse click game shortreduced and also select open file locationopen up the launcher.settings file in notepad and also locate the listed below line and edit to the below, "PatchingMode": " "swtor": "SSN" ", "bitraider_disable": trueSAVE the changes.Delete the BitRaider, Movie and Asset folders then start the launcher.