Synergy failed to connect to server timed out

I am trying to control my Ubuntu lappeak with key-board and also mouse that I usage via my Windows lappeak. Everypoint functions fine once I set up my Ubuntu laptop as a server and also then connect to it via my windows lapoptimal yet as soon as I attempt to execute the opowebsite and also usage my home windows lappeak as a server, on my Ubuntu lapheight i obtain an error saying:"WARNING: faibrought about connect to server: Timed out"Has anyone encountered comparable problem? And if yes does anyone know how to settle it?



This happens when the computer systems can not check out each various other, usually bereason of a firewall. Make sure both computers are on the same network and temporarily disable the firewall on the server computer system (don"t foracquire to re-permit when you"re finished).

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Wanted to add my answer for fixing this concern as I retained finding this web page when in search of this problem.

Server: W10Client: W10Synergy v1.13.1 Pro

After verifying that both computer systems were able to interact to each other (judgment out the firewall concern by making use of ping )...

I navigated to C:Users AppDataLocalSynergySSLFingerprints Modified the file TrustedServers by removing the fingerprint.

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I rebegan both synergy solutions and basically required them acquire a new fingerprint to resolve the issue.

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answered Mar 7 at 19:48

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