System has detected other tablet drivers

I currently own the tablet mentioned above, and I am attempting to install the chauffeurs so I deserve to have the press sensitivityI usage for Krita. I am home windows ten, and I have looked at other forums giving solutions. I have tried to uninstall/disabling windows pen and also Ink, and also it doesn"t show up anymore yet my XP-Pen driver still will not install, stating tright here is still a tablet driver which requirements tobe unset up. Nothing reflects up on gadgets various other than HID Compliant Pen, and I disabled those and also yet still nopoint. I even tried downloading one more tablet driver yet it says the very same thing. I view most postaround windows making it tough for artists and also miscellaneous driver problems, and also I really do not want to be that perkid to blame it on that, but I have actually no clue how to settle this concern. Any assist would be wonderful.

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Replied on February 7, 2019

Hello TJ,

Thank you for composing to Community Forums.

The error indicates tbelow are other tablet drivers set up in your computer, and also is recommfinished to remove previous motorists prior to installing the latest chauffeurs. Kindly follow the below measures and also view if it works out for you.

Method 1: Uninstall the drivers.

Unplug your tablet from your computer system.

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Uninstall all tablet motorists >Reboot your computer > attempt to install the motorists currently.

Note: If you are still seeing the same error, it indicates your driver uninstallation was not totally rerelocated, please manually uninstall your driver.

To manually uninstall tablet drivers, follow the listed below measures.

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Go to File Explorer > This PC > click onLocal Disk (C:). In the administrator mode, search the following:



Next off, go to This PC > Local Disk (C:)> Windows.Search in folders SysWOW64 and System32 for the complying with – wintab*.*Delete those documents and also rebegin your computer.

Once after perdeveloping the over approach, you might install the drivers from themanufacturer’s website.