System reserved partition on wrong drive

System reserved partition is on the wrong disk. Learn to relocate device scheduled partition to another drive in Windows 10/8/7.

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A problem arises when you want to wipe the old tough drive and usage it for file storage or when the original HDD is on the verge of breaking. In these cases, you will most likely desire to deliver the mechanism booked partition to the new SSD as soon as feasible.

How to relocate device booked partition to a different disk?

As the mechanism reserved partition has the boot documents for your computer system, it’s a little tricky to move the partition and also then have Windows detect it’ new location. You have to very closely follow this step by action overview to avoid any errors.

Using Disk Management develop a brand-new partition on the SSD drive with 100MBs of space or greater. To open Disk Management, you should push Windows + R key and then form "diskmgmt.msc".

Asauthorize a drive letter (for example Z:) to the mechanism scheduled partition so it deserve to be opened in Windows Data Explorer.

Copy every little thing from the mechanism booked partition to the freshly developed partition. You have to include the Boot folder, bootmgr and also BOOTSECT.BAK.

Mark the new partition as "System Reserved".

Remove the drive letter from the brand-new device reserved partition and also then mark it as ‘Active’.

Now rebegin your computer system to see it properly boots.

If it fails to boot, you have the right to usage the Windows device repair disc to perdevelop a Startup repair, it will certainly then force Windows to detect the brand-new device reserved partition.

Once the computer has actually successfully booted, you deserve to safely rerelocate the old device scheduled partition.

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This approach has actually numerous procedures and is challenging for those users who are unfamiliar via Windows Disk Management and Startup repair. If you find this guide also complex then proceed reading, as below we will teach you an easy way to clone your mechanism scheduled partition.

Clone system reserved partition to SSD

A hand-operated file copy of important partitions has actually huge potential reason difficulties on your computer system, this is especially true once you are copying mechanism associated partitions. To prevent this, it’s recommfinish that you usage a free Partition manager software application, like AOMEI Partition Assistant to clone the partition. By making use of specialist software application, you can effortlessly move your device reserved partition to different disk.

To clone a device reserved partition:

1. Downfill AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard (totally free edition) and also launch it.

2. Right click the old system reserved partition and also select Copy Partition.


3. Select Sector by Sector Copy and also click Next.


4. Select the unallocated space on the SSD as the destination area which will certainly get the mechanism reserved partition. If tright here is no unallocated area, then you deserve to shrink a partition by clicking Resize Partition.


5. The next screen, you have the right to change the dimension of new mechanism booked partition andother parameters. Set the drive letter to None.


6. Click Apply to apply these changes.


After the convariation, you have the right to readjust the partition label to System Reserved and also collection the partition as ‘Active’.

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Remember, the device scheduled partition has to be a primary partition, if your brand-new system booked partition is a logical drive, then you must first transform it to major partition without shedding data. Once you have completed this, you will certainly have effectively relocated the mechanism scheduled partition to different drive. If you uncover that your drive has actually unalsituated room after the conversion, then you can merge the unallocated room with any type of partition that you desire to extend.