System_service_exception rtkvhd64.sys

rtkvhd64.sys is a Microsoft Windows mechanism file linked with the Realtek Audio Driver. If deleted, it has actually been recognized to result in issues such as no sound.

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The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (rtkvhd64.sys) error message that you acquire via a Blue Display of Death will certainly crash your computer. Due to the fact that BSODs are usually associated with hardware and driver worries, you must know that this is no exemption. You can acquire this error doing anything from watching a video clip or listening to music, to hefty gaming. It tells you that the Realtek audio device in your system has in some means maloperated. The error is known to appear for Windows 10 customers, yet customers of older versions of the OS aren’t excluded also.

You might get this error as soon as and it will disappear afterwards, yet you might likewise acquire stuck to it and it will reappear oftentimes till you take action. Fortunately, tright here are a few points that you have the right to carry out to solve this issue and also we will certainly explain all of them in order to assist you fix your trouble.

Method 1: Upday the drivers

The first step to combating this BSOD concern is checking and also updating the motorists for your sound card. If you’re having actually this concern, there is a really high possibility that you have actually a Realtek Sound Card and there’s some concern with its chauffeurs. To examine, you must head to the Device Manager. You deserve to open up it by pushing the Windows key on your key-board and keying Device Manager.


In the home window that opens up, you will be presented through a list of devices currently installed. Locate your sound card under Sound, video and game controllers. If there’s an obvious concern, tbelow will certainly be a yellow exclamation note alongside it. Regardless, your following action is to right-click the sound card and pick Properties from the dropdown food selection.

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Inside the Properties home window, navigate to the Drivers tab and select Update Driver.


Follow the wizard to update your vehicle drivers. Reboot your system in the finish, and you shouldn’t be dealing with this problem anymore. If you are, relocate on to the following step.

Method 2: Completely uninstall the vehicle drivers and use the generic ones

In the very unmost likely instance that updating the vehicle drivers didn’t help, you can attempt totally removing them and also using Windows’ generic audio driver. This is also done from the Device Manager. When you’ve situated your sound card, right-click it aacquire, and choose Uninstall. Let Windows do its point, and also reboot your system in the end. Windows currently knows that you don’t have manually set up drivers, and also it will certainly activate its generic ones. You shouldn’t have actually troubles via the rtkvhd64.sys driver since the Realtek vehicle drivers are currently not set up on your device and there is nopoint to cause the disputes.

Method 3: After uninstalling, manually install the drivers

If the second approach didn’t assist either, or you don’t have sound at all, you should manually install the vehicle drivers for your sound card. If you have actually a lappeak, you have the right to downpack them from the manufacturer’s website. If you have a desktop, you have the right to discover them on Realtek’s website, and downfill them from there. Wherever before you downpack them from, installing the motorists have to be a straightforward procedure. Make sure to reboot your mechanism in the end.

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This error can leave you via a useless computer system, but solving it is fortunately extremely simple and doesn’t need any technological expertise, as lengthy as you follow the abovementioned techniques.