Task manager not showing all memory usage

My lappeak has 8gb of mounted ram, as soon as I run a VMWare virtual machine my memory consumption rises however I can"t find what process/point is causing this. (I recognize that it"s VMWare ofcourse however why doesn"t taskmngr show me that???)

Here are some screenshots i took from Taskmanager:


In the top screenshot you see a memory intake of 82% where just 437,9mb is for my user.In the various other screenswarm you view the very same details (84% usage currently bereason it was taken a bit later)

Does anyone know exactly how I deserve to view the correct memory intake with all programs / procedures that are utilizing it?

Use Reresource Monitor to view detailed memory consumption. In Task Manager navigate to Performance tab and also click "Reresource Monitor..." at the bottom of the window. In Reresource Monitor home window navigate to Memory tab. Tright here you"ll see four columns: Commit (KB), Working Set (KB), Shareable (KB), Private (KB). Apparently Task Manager Processes tab reflects just Private memory consumption.


Run RAMMap to see a lot even more details.

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It reflects the information better compared to job manager.


I think the memory reserved by VMWare does not display up because of just how it is reserving it.

There are some various settings in VMWare Workstation that lets you manage exactly how VMWare Workterminal allocates/reserves memory.

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There are 3 alternatives in VMWare Workstation on Linux:

Fit all virtual machine memory right into reserved hold RAMAllow some digital machine memory to be swappedAllow many digital machine memory to be swapped

Option 1 pre-allocates the memory and also I can check out that it is offered in the host mechanism.


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