Teamviewer partner did not connect to router

No link to partner! Partner did not attach to router. Error Code: WaitforConnectFailed

Both computer systems are ready for connection according to the information presented in the Teamviewer app windows.Both computers are running the same version of Teamviewer.

The companion computer cannot affix neither obtain connections.

Here"s what it looks favor on the remote end:


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This settle the issue

For this specific error "Partner did not affix to router" while reportedly the partner was prepared for connection:

Ask the partner to disconnect from the networkAsk the partner to rebegin his/her rexternal (switch off and also on)Wait for the router earlier and also ask client to reattach to the netoccupational

I had actually this problem once the DNS resolution on the destination machine was broken; had to affix over SSH, resolve DNS settings in /etc/resolv.conf and also then connection began to job-related just fine (mechanism rebegin wasn"t necessary).


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