The ac adapter currently connected is not supported

The AC power adapter is provided to recharge the battery in a notebook computer and to carry out dependable power for operating the notebook for lengthy periods of time. If an AC power adapter fails, it will not recharge the battery and it will not provide power to run the notebook without a battery. Use this record for indevelopment on exactly how to use and also test your notebook AC power adapter.

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With proper use and care, your AC power adapter will certainly recharge the notebook battery and also carry out power for operating the notebook for extended periods. Read the area listed below for indevelopment on the correct usage and treatment of your AC power adapter.
Confirm that the AC power adapter is a real part and also the computer is an product. Do not usage an AC power adapter on equipment and do not use a AC power adapter on an computer system.


If you perform not usage a grounded outlet, you can notice an electrical tingling sensation once the palms of your hands touch the notebook during usage.
If provided via a 3-pin attachment plug on the power cord, plug the cord right into a grounded 3-pin outlet. Do not disable the power cord grounding pin, for instance, by attaching a 2-pin adapter. The grounding pin is a crucial security function.
Almeans disaffix power from the computer system by unplugging the power cord from the AC wall outlet first, then unplug the power cord from the computer system.
Make sure the power adapter is NOT put in an area such as under cabinets, near exhaust fans or heaters or covered by objects such as a phone book, blanket, or apparel where the ambient temperature have the right to reach better than 35 levels Celsius (95 levels Fahrenheit) and prevent natural convection cooling. The AC adapter can come to be warm and also go into thermal protection mode. Allow the AC adapter to cool for 5 minutes before utilizing aobtain.

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Connect to exterior AC power once charging or calibrating the battery, installing or editing device software application (such as vehicle drivers and also updates), and also as soon as writing indevelopment to a CD or DVD.
When linked to outside AC power, the battery charge symbol and also the battery meter icon in the mechanism tray change appearance. When disconnected from external AC power, the computer system supplies power from the battery and the display screen brightness automatically lowers to conserve battery life. To increase the screen brightness, push Fn +
or reconnect the AC adapter.


If you usage an outside AC power adapter at all times, calibrate your battery often, or when the battery has actually charged completely, remove it totally prior to proceeding to job-related on outside AC power. Continuously charging the battery without allowing it to expfinish its charge have the right to degrade battery performance and also shorten battery life.
Do not leave accessories or power adapters linked to a notebook while moving it. Pulling, twisting, or jamming these cords deserve to break the connectors.
Use a number 8 pattern once bundling the cord. This enables for straightforward storage, avoids unintentional breaks in the wires, and also keeps it from gaining tangled.

Do not wrap the power cord roughly the power adapter or any kind of other object as this might inadvertently break the cord"s internal copper wires.

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Broken wires deserve to brief circuit both the power adapter and also the notebook inner power supply. Broken wires deserve to shock anyone who touches the cord and also might present a fire peril.