The directory name is invalid.mscorlib

A few weeks ago I obtained an e-mail from someone that had attfinished our Accidental DBA IE course last year, and also this perboy was gaining the following error as soon as trying to use a cumulative update:

SQL Server Setup failure: The brochure name is invalid.

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The initial email didn’t have actually most details, so I began asking inquiries to understand also what version was being installed, the setting configuration, and so on. Turns out this was a two-node Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC) through multiple SQL Server 2012 instances installed, and also among the instances was still running on the node this person was trying to patch. To be clear, the 2 nodes were SRV1 and also SRV2, and the instances were PROD-A and PROD-B running on SRV1, and PROD-C which was running on SRV2. This perboy was trying to install the cumulative upday on SRV2.

Now, those of you that control clusters may be thinking “Doesn’t this DBA know that the means you execute rolling upqualities is by not having actually any instances running on the node you’re trying to patch?” Well, not everyone is an experienced DBA, many civilization are Accidental or Junior DBAs, and also if this is the first cluster you’re sustaining, you may not understand that, or understand why. Further, as soon as you upday a solitary node on a stand-alone server (one that’s NOT in a cluster) it’s not choose you shut down the instance yourself and use the CU, right?

We checked the summary installation log, located in C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server110Setup BootstrapLog and also uncovered the following Exit message:

The directory ‘M:a13e546ad3e0de04a828’ doesn’t exist.

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The M drive was a resource for PROD-C, in addition to the N drive. Tbelow was also a quorum drive (Q) and also the neighborhood C drive. So how was M not available?

Well, it was initially, once the install began, and also when the installer runs, it puts the papers on the initially network drive that it finds (if it’s an administrative installation), or the drive via the the majority of cost-free area (see: ROOTDRIVE property). In this case, the M drive met the criteria. When the installer then stopped the circumstances and took the cluster disks offline, the M drive was unexpectedly gone, therefore the invalid catalog.

You could argue that this is a bug…maybe…however the solution I said wregarding relocate PROD-C over to the SRV1 node, then run the installation. You might additionally specify the directory as part of a command-line install, therefore utilizing a different disk, but downtime was permitted in this scenario, so the failover wasn’t a deal-breaker. Once this was done, the installation ran fine, and also the latest CU was applied on that node. The DBA then went through the process of failing all the instances over to the patched node, and then using the CU on SRV1.

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As an aside, if you’re not sure of the current organization fill, cumulative update, or hotdeal with available for your SQL Server version, I recommfinish this website which has actually all versions and releases and web links to the downlots. And, for those of you running SQL Server 2014, CU5 for SP1 just came out yesterday and also has some interesting fixes (watch