The directory or file cannot be created


When the error 0x80070052 occurs, no brand-new documents or folders have the right to be produced or replicated to disk. If you must copy files to portable devices urgently, this will bring a lot inconvenience. MiniTool will certainly carry out you through several options.

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The error 0x80070052 bothers plenty of users and also more than likely you are one of them. When looking Windows-based forums, I uncover many kind of world are pointing out Windows error 0x80070052. People who suffer from the error provided the solution offered by other customers however still get it.

Here is a true instance from

When I attempt to put some photos onto my SD card, I get 0x80070052 error and the photo will not go onto the card. I found on the internet that it"s a registry error and if you run Regcure that have to settle it. I ran Regcure and also resolved all the errors it found yet I still gain the 0x80070052 error as soon as I attempt to put a photo on the card. Does anyone understand exactly how to fix this error?

Why the error code 0x80070052 happens? What components have the right to reason the error? You will discover the answer in the next area, so please store analysis.

What Caprovides Error 0x80070052

As it known to all, the magazine or file cannot be developed error message might show up once trying to copy files to removable tools such as USB flash drive, TF card, external HDD, or memory stick. It mainly occurs via photos and also videos, particularly those via a name exceed 20 characters.

Several factors deserve to bring about the error message 0x80070052. In summary, the complying with aspects can result in the error 0x80070052.

The catalog or file name currently exists on your USB.The directory path might not be found on the drive.Tright here is no enough disk area on the USB.The file or the directory name contains unacceptable personalities.The USB drive might not be formatted properly.Windows mechanism documents are damaged.

Fix 1: Create a New Folder on the USB Drive

If the brochure or file name you are copying currently exists on your USB, the error 0x80070052 will appear. If so, you have the right to create a brand-new folder on your USB drive. Right click the empty room of your portable gadget, and also then pick New > Folder choice from the motivated menu. After that, copy the catalog or files to the freshly created folder.

Fix 2: Reaffix USB Drive or Try Different USB Ports

If the link in between the USB and also motherboard is loose, the system cannot detect the USB device. Under this circumstance, the 0x80070052 will certainly occur to you. In this situation, you just should reaffix the USB device or attach it other USB ports on the computer system.


Fix 3: Free USB Space

If tright here is no adequate easily accessible disk room on the USB for the file or magazine to be copied, you will certainly enrespond to this copy error 0x80070052 as well. To settle the trouble, you deserve to just copy the papers via a capacity that your USB gadget deserve to hold.

Conversely, you deserve to delete useless however space-consuming files on the USB tool to complimentary some room. If you don’t understand what is taking up your USB drive, you have the right to utilize an area analyzer tool to attain the detailed indevelopment.

MiniTool Partition Wizard is such a tool. Its Void Analyzer function will certainly help you uncover what is taking up your USB space. Actually, this software application allows you to examine SSD wellness, recoup absent data, clean up your computer system, move OS and various other operations concerned tough disk besides analyze disk area consumption. 

You have the right to obtain this excellent routine by click the button below. After downloading and installing MiniTool Partition Wizard to your computer system, follow the procedures below.

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Step 1: Connect the USB gadget to your computer. Launch MiniDevice Partition Wizard to enter its major interconfront.

Step 2: Click on the Space Analyzer feature on the height of the primary page to go on.


Step 3: In the Void Usage Analyzer window, select your USB drive and also click on Scan. After that, right click the file that takes much of your USB space and select Delete (permanently).


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Fix 4: Layout USB Drive to FAT32 or NTFS

The number of files on the root folder varies according to the file formats. If your portable tool utilizes an old file device prefer FAT16, the root folder can just assistance an extremely limited variety of records (not even more than 128 files). Besides, the old file mechanism cannot usage this type of magnitude.

You can know your USB device or outside tough drive file system by ideal clicking the drive letter in Data Explorer and also select Properties. If your gadget is making use of FAT16, you must format your USB drive to a new file device prefer FAT32 or NTFS.

In enhancement to the restricted file number, you are additionally compelled to format your removable tool if it is formatted correctly before. What does formatting a hard drive do? Here are answers. If you have actually any type of essential records on your removable tool, please ago up prior to formatting.

Though here are multiple methods to format your tool to FAT32 or NTFS, a skilled forissue is recommended to you.

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MiniTool Partition Wizard is a secure and reputable software application, which enables you to format your device via ease. It supports multiple file devices such as FAT32, NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and so on.

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Tip 1: Connect your removable media to your computer, and also then launch MiniDevice Partition Wizard to enter the major web page.

Step 2: Right click your tool and also select the Format function from the pop-up food selection.


Step 3: In the Layout Partition window, pick the file device that you desire to format to (FAT32 for example), and also then click OK to conserve the changes. Then, click Apply in the main web page to execute the operation.


Fix 5: Change the Name of the Directory or File

If the records or catalog you are copying bring distinct characters choose “&”, your USB drive will certainly geneprice error 0x80070052 on Windows. In this situation, you should change the name of the file or directory on the computer and also then copy to the exterior gadget.


Fix 6: Copy Encrypted Files

When you get the Windows error 0x80070052 during the procedure of copying encrypted documents, you need to perform some additional work-related to make certain that the encryption essential is likewise moved.

If you make use of the integrated encryption technique, you need to encertain that the company pertained to Credential Manager is in Automatic status and running all at once as soon as copying the file.

What’s even more, you have to also ensure that the regime (prefer McAfee) used for encrypting papers is running once copying the encrypted files. If you would choose to copy encrypted documents to exterior device smoothly, you deserve to refer to the complying with actions.

Step 1: Keep your third-party encryption regimen running.

Tip 2: After opening the Run window by pressing Win and also R secrets, form solutions.msc and also press the Enter vital to go on.


Step 3: In the Services display, scroll down the business list to find Credential Manager. Right click it and click Properties from the pop-up menu. 


Tip 4: Set the Startup type of Credential Manager to Automatic, and also then click Start under the Service standing tab. Finally, choose Apply.


Step 5: Copy the encrypted documents that formerly resulted in the directory or file cannot be produced error to view if the error is resolved.

Fix 7: Repair Corrupted Drive

Due to corruption with the portable storage tool, the error message 0x80070052 will show up. According to user report, the error usually occurs after an unexpected machine interruption.

The error is 0x80070052 quite common through SD cards that are provided on cameras once you copy papers from SD card to tough drives of your PC. To resolve the error 0x80070052, you can repair your difficult drive for corruption through these procedures.

Step 1: After opening Data Explorer, ideal click on the removable drive that triggers the error and also choose Properties from the menu.

Tip 2: In the Properties window, select Tools on the optimal of the home window. After that, click Check button under Error-checking.

Step 3: If you are motivated with the UAC (User Account Control) window, simply click Yes to achieve the governmental accessibility.

Tip 4: Click on Scan and repair drive in the next window. Then, you should wait for some time until the process finishes.

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Step 5: After the process ends, unplug and re-plug the removable gadget to see if the error is solved.

Are you bothered by the error 0x80070052? I solved the error via the options offered by this article. You have the right to pick one to deal with this annoying worry. Click to tweetMake Your Own Decision

There are 7 accessible techniques to assist you resolve the troublesome Windows error 0x80070052. You can pick one from the provided services based on your demand also. Welcome any type of ideas or thought on the error 0x80070052. If you have actually any type of question around MiniTool software, please send us by creating an email using