The division 2 frame drops

My COMPUTER has the specs to run The Division 2 fine but i was suffering excessive frame drops and fps lag, this is the fix:

If you are suffering frame drops and lag on the department 2 it could be worth looking at your COMPUTER power arrangement settings. Change you settings from performance to well balanced and then readjust your power settings to usage much less than 100% of your CPU This took me ages to uncover out yet it lastly fixed my lag and also now runs great!

Control Panel > Hardware and also sound > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings > Change progressed power settings

Then tright here must be a an choice referred to as Processor 'Power Management' then uncover the alternative 'Maximum Processor state'

You have the right to experiment to find the ideal % for you, but I recommend trying 90% to begin via. (I have actually it on 87% consumption max)

Hopes this helps someone out!

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I have a couple of added concerns for those that are suffering this.

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If you haven't already, can you provide your specs: (or platcreate if on console)




Does this take place in certain components of the game or just in certain areas/missions?

Does this just happen as soon as playing solo /co-op or both?

Does the problem worsen over time?

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2 years ago

I’m enduring the issue. My audio cuts out in the time of the start display screen (which works once I’m alt tabbed for some reason) and also I’ll acquire freezes for an indefinite amount of time. My pc specs are

I7 7700hq

32 GBs

Gtx 1080

I haven’t acquired passed the beginning mission however it generally occurs whenever before I run or relocate. I additionally noticed it did it a tiny as soon as I was transforming my settings at the start display screen and in the character customization display screen. I don’t think it has happened while I was continuing to be idle (no mouse or keyboard input) and also when I am alt tabbed I can hear the game audio and it doesn’t sound choose it is doing it.

Only done solo, as I can’t really progression pass the beginning mission through this issue

Not that I’ve noticed. It seems to come around eincredibly 15 seconds from when the last freeze arisen while I am inputing right into the game.

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no other game is doing this at the moment and I have actually done a reinstall of the game and also motorists.

Pretty disappointed that I am unable to play the game because I passist for gold. Hope you can resolve this soon