The drive is not a valid backup location windows 7

"Drive is not a valid backup location" is an error that pops up sometimes on Windows 10, but has actually been well-known to additionally plague users running Windows 8, 8.1, 7. Many individuals have experienced this problem, as Windows" Back-up and also Restore function seems prone to not recognizing thumb drives as a viable backup storage area.

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This might be an issue, as setting up routine backups to a USB is typically a convenient and, in many kind of instances – a critical step on the road to creating a viable anti-malware backup arrangement. Fortunately, this certain worry is quite easy to resolve and also does not need complicated actions on the user"s part to resolve. Follow the comprehensive overview below, and also you"ll be able to backup papers on your USB stick in no time at all.

How to Fix "The drive is not a valid backup location" Error in Windows

The finest means to bypass the USB drive limitation of Windows 10 is to erected the backup picture of the mechanism to be saved in a devoted sub-folder, and not straight on the primary drive. Here"s just how to execute so conveniently and also easily:

Open “Documents Explorer”.Find the USB drive, Right-click it and then proceed to select "Format."Set the "File System" to NTFS. Tick the box beside Quick Layout.Select "Start" to start the formatting procedure."Wait for the process to finish.Open the USB drive, then right-click everywhere in the drive home window.Select “New” and when a sidebar pops up click “Folder”.Name the folder you wish to create anymeans you choose. "Windows Backup" would certainly be a terrific name.Right-click on the folder you just developed and also determined "Properties".Go to the "Sharing" tab and select "Share".Set the "Permission level" on the "System owner (your username)" to "Owner".Try to ago up the records, through the Sub-folder as the default backup location.
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