The operation is not supported by the object dynamic disk

Which of the complying with retains the indevelopment it's storing once the device power is turned off?
Hello everyone,

I have actually attached external enclocertain that has actually 2 bay to put 2 difficult drive. I have the right to see both difficult drives in home windows computer administration. Also I can create a partition and see as individual drive. However, as soon as I try to produce mirror drive it gives me error "This procedure is not supported by this object".

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Any idea why? Thanks you in advance for all the assist.

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It claims you deserve to set up as RAID in the manual on pperiods 12 - 18

No, it is just plug and also play enclocertain and also it is USB NexStar MX through two bay. I can do normal partition, however I would favor to mirror them.

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I don"t think it is possible to mirror the drives from Windows. Is tright here software program that came via the enclosure or a internet interface you deserve to accessibility to produce the RAID 1?

No it is prefer a USB stick kind of enclocertain. So that implies I will not able to mirror. I can check out them as drive in windows 7 and I have the right to produce Simple Volume and do what I have to do, however as a separate drives (Drive D and E)

It claims you can erected as RAID in the hand-operated on pages 12 - 18

Yes, and also give thanks to you exceptionally a lot. I see the dip switches, but to make aware to everyone, not only dip switch does it there is recollection switch likewise essential to be press once you start the external enclousre.

Thanks everyone.

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We have the right to cshed the case.


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