The outer worlds crash to desktop

The Outer Worlds is a beautiful new open-human being RPG from Obsidian — a team that’s known for releasing a few buggy games. Bugs have actually descfinished on The Outer Worlds, and some players are struggling through continuous crashes or various other issues while trying to reap their adventures on alien planets.

A few of the most prevalent concerns are related to doing not have graphical settings, weird FPS stuttering, and also the heavy usage of Depth-of-Field. The worst problem are the crashes — crashes on start-up, in character development, or just after eincredibly five minutes of gameplay. That’s the worst, yet the community have actually found some surpincreasing services you might desire to offer a shot till a permanent fix has actually been issued.

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PC Fixes Guide | Stuttering, Crashes & More

These community-sourced fixes can aid your COMPUTER issues. Check earlier shortly for brand-new updates and also extra fixes — many type of of these issues might be reresolved in future patches. Almeans inspect for brand-new updates.


How To Fix Constant Crashes

The constant crashing shows up to be an problem through the Xbox Gamepass version on PC. This version is causing crashing on start-up, during creation, or simply after a few minutes of play. Oddly, tright here is one solve that is functioning for players.

Set the Maximum / Locked FPS to 60 in the Settings

For whatever reason, this is preventing consistent crashes for some individuals.

How To Fix Low FPS | FPS Stuttering

There are many type of methods to fix low FPS or Stuttering, yet here are a couple of fixes you have the right to try before lowering your graphics settings.

Turn on VsyncUncap FPS / Set FPS to 60 LockedTurn Shadows to Low

How To Fix Blurry Graphics – Simple Solution

There are many type of effects like Chromatic Aberration that cause the game to look extremely blurry when graphics are collection to ‘High‘ — to tone dvery own CA, choose ‘Medium’ or ‘Low’ settings. Right now, there is no choice to lower impact settings individually.

For even more progressed remedies, examine how to modify .ini files listed below.

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Cutting edge Tweaks – .ini Data Editing | Chromatic Abberation, DOF, TAA, Mouse Acceleration

To settle worries via TAA, CA, DOF, or computer mouse acceleration, you’ll must include lines to Input.ini in the installation files. Depending on your platform, you’ll discover the installation papers in one of the two places below.

Go To – Windows Store Installation Folder:%LOCALAPPDATA%PackagesPrivateDivision.TheOuterWorldsWindows10_hv3d7yfbgr2rpLocalCacheLocalIndianaSavedConfigWindowsNoEditorGo To – Epic Store Installation Folder:AppDataLocalIndianaSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor

How To Disable Chromatic Abberation

Open Engine.ini and include the adhering to line / lines, then conserve.


How To Disable DOF

Open Engine.ini and include the complying with line / lines, then conserve.




How To Disable Bloom

Open Engine.ini and include the following line / lines, then conserve.

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How To Disable TAA

Open Engine.ini and also add the following line / lines, then conserve.



How To Fix Mouse Acceleration

Find the Input.ini file and also open up with Notepad. Add the following lines and save.


That’s all the COMPUTER tweaks and also fixes we’ve got so much. Check back later for future updates!