The price of memory fallout 4

So I simply finimelted playing via the much harbor pursuit the price of memory and I felt negative at the finish after experimenting both alternatives to finish the quest one is to save the details uncovered out around Jule an enigma and the other to tell Jule. Both options seemed cruel I would love to see a 3rd option or an add-on after complying with the second alternative to recruit Jule as a settler or companion as if you follow the second alternative favor I did she simply sits outside arcadia becoming unresponsive. I just would love to check out a mod wbelow you can offer her a area to live after she leaves Arcadia for them lying to her. I"ve currently looked almost everywhere google and also the nexus to no avail yet if tright here is a mod out tbelow for this currently id appreciate it if you could post a link below.

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