The selected boot device failed

Some customers are reporting that they started to receive the “The selected boot tool failed. Press to continue” error message at eextremely startup. This stays clear of the influenced user from effectively utilizing the computer considering that the startup procedure is never before completed.

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The error is not particular to a details Windows 10 build and also is reported to take place through several various motherboard manufacturers.


What is causing the Selected Boot Device Failed error

After investigating the problem and looking at assorted user reports, we have produced a list will culprits that are regularly responsible for leading to the schosen boot device failed error:

Secure Boot is enabled in BIOS – The error is often reported to happen as soon as secure boot is enabled and also tradition mode is detriggered.Legacy boot is disabled in BIOS – Certain computers (specifically older HP and Dell models) will screen this worry as soon as Legacy Support is disabled from the BIOS settings menu.Hard disk failiure – This certain issue have the right to additionally occur if your difficult drive has actually arisen poor sectors that prevent your operating mechanism from being loaded.System file corruption – Corrupted Windows mechanism documents deserve to also bring about the apparition of this issue.

How to settle the Schosen Boot Device Failed error

If the error is avoiding you from booting up your computer system, this write-up will provide you through some troubleshooting steps. Below you have a collection of approaches that various other users in a similar case have actually offered to treat the symptoms of the problem and gain their computer systems to start again.

For the finest results, start through the initially strategy an continue with the following ones listed below in order till you uncover a settle that maneras to deal with the issue for you. Let’s begin!

Method 1: Disabling Secure Boot and Enabling Legacy BOot from BIOS settings

Users in a comparable case have reported that the problem was fixed and their computer system booted typically after they accessed the BIOS settings and disabled Secure Boot. Other individuals have reported that the worry was just resolved after they allowed Legacy Support.

You can verify if this settle is effective by accessing your BIOS in the time of the startup phase. To do this, press the Boot key according to your manufacturer’s guidelines in the time of the startup process. You can search only for your specific Boot vital or attempt any of the following: F2, F4, F8, F10, F12 or Del key.

Once you’re into your BIOS settings, look through the System Configuration alternatives and also discover Legacy Support and also Secure Boot. Once you carry out, set Legacy Support to Enabled and also Secure Boot to Disabled. Then, make sure to save this configuration and also reboot your computer.


If this settle is reliable, your computer system need to boot up generally without the “The schosen boot gadget failed. Press to continue” error.

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If the problem is still emerging, continue dvery own through the next approach below.

Method 2: Percreating a Startup Repair using Command also Prompt

It’s feasible that the problem is arising because the files that are being provided in the startup procedure have actually become corrupted. You might be able to fix the problem by inserting the installation media and also performing a series of commands via Command Prompt that will repair the startup operation.

Here’s what you have to do:

Click on Repair your computer in the lower left corner of the screen.Next off, pick Troubleshoot and click on Cutting edge Options.
Click on Command Prompt from the list of utilities.In the Command also prompt home window, kind the adhering to commands and press Enter after each one. These regulates will sdeserve to for any kind of inconsistencies during the booting procedure and also redevelop the Boot Configuration Data.

Bootrec /fixmbrBootrec /fixbootBootrec /scanosBootrec /rebuildbcdOnce all regulates have been registered, close Command prompt and rebegin your machine.At the next startup, view if the error has been readdressed. If you still get the exact same error message, continue via the following technique below.

Method 3: Performing a repair install or a clean install

If the first approach was not reliable, let’s make sure that the concern is not led to by system file corruption.

The easiest method of finding out if this is true is to perdevelop a clean install. However before, doing this indicates that you’ll lose your personal records, applications and also possibly every little thing that you stored on your Windows driver. You deserve to follow our guide (here) on performing a clean install on Windows 10.

An even more elegant method is to perform a repair install. This procedure will reinstall all Windows-connected components while permitting you to store your personal papers and applications. Follow our overview (here) to perdevelop a repair install.

Method 4: Investigating a hardware failure

If you’ve come this far without an outcome, it’s almost certain that the issue you’re taking care of is not software program related. The thing is, the majority of the instances taking care of this problem that we researched turned out to be hardware failures – either a negative drive or a faulty motherboard.

One procedure that will certainly offer you an concept whether your tough disk is going poor is to press Esc + F2 once the error message shows up. This will certainly trigger a drive shave the right to that will certainly let you recognize whether your issue is hardware associated.

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If the outcomes point towards a hardware faiattract, sfinish your computer system to company to warranty if you’re still eligible. If not, look for a experienced capable of doing extra investigations.