The specified disk is not convertible because the size

Hi,I’ve run right into what appears to be a consequent string of issues via my HDD. I’m not incredibly tech savvy or privy to the jargon, so please bear through me.The disk in question is a 500gb Hitachi HDD and also is actually from an additional computer, my HP Compaq desktop. The disk all of a sudden stopped functioning, as in, as soon as I restarted my desktop computer, I would certainly obtain the complying with error message:

“Non-System Disk or Disk Error relocation and strike any kind of essential as soon as ready”I search for the webwebsite on the disk label, yet surrendered no outcomes. So, browsing on the internet for a solution, I came across countless suggestions. I checked the cords plugged into the disk, and additionally the ports in which the cords were plugged to the motherboard… and also to no avail. So I usage a HDD docking device to plug the disk right into my lappeak in order to retrieve the documents. I open “This PC” to discover that the disk is not getting here in Windows Explorer. I open up Disk monitoring, and it reflects as not initialized and additionally that tright here is 0gb capacity.In order to accessibility the drive from the Disk Manager in Windows 10, it need to first be initialized. But as soon as I try to initialize it using the MBR alternative, I get the following error:“The tool is not ready”The drive additionally claims “Offline” in the right-click drop down options.

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When I click “Offline” it gives me the very same error message.I then try to initialize the disk utilizing the GPT option and also receive this error message:The specified disk is not convertible because the size is less than the minimum size required for GPT disks.

So, I search for a solution to this trouble, I find a pointer to use Minidevices Partition wizard to “Redevelop MBR”, but when I open up the wizard, the drive mirrors as “Read Only” with no partitions to choose, and also therefore no actionable choices to try.

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I find one more pointer to use command prompt (via Admin Privileges) making use of the complying with regulates below:1. Diskpart2. list disks3. choose disk n (the disk in question)4. cleanBut as soon as I get to step 4, form in clean and press Enter, I acquire a message saying:“Tright here is no volume selected. Please choose a volume and try aacquire.”
This led me to this articleinstructing me to use AOMEI Partition Assistant to convert the disk from MBR to GPT in an attempt to finally have the ability to format. Unfortunately, as soon as I attempt to convert the disk from MBR to GPT, the software application tells me tright here is not sufficient disk area once converting, which lead me here for support.

Can you please aid me in this incredibly draining and frustrating issue?Regards,Corey

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