The system could not find the file specified


Top 11 reliable options are noted right here to help you resolve the device cannot uncover the file mentioned error through ease. If you enrespond to this error while copying records, accessing files, connecting USB drive, you can attempt making use of MiniTool software to recuperate shed information in case of permanent data loss.

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Error Post - The System Cannot Find the Documents Specified

Got the mechanism cannot uncover the file specified error in Windows 10? Here, a true example from is displayed below:

The device cannot discover the file stated Run right into this error as soon as installing my application on another PC (Win XP). Runs ok on my develop COMPUTER (Win7, LabVIEW2013 SP1). Anyone had actually this error before?


If you encounter the error “The system cannot find the file specified” when installing driver, or doing a device image, or accessing documents, or doing other things, don’t issue. Now, you deserve to check this tutorial to uncover reasons and also solutions.

Generally speaking, it is a really prevalent error for Windows customers, especially for Windows 10 customers, which normally suggests an Error Code 0x80070002. Some prevalent reasons for this error are noted below:

Missing driver fileConnection problemAbnormal regisattempt keysSystem papers are absent or corruptedRequired documents for the certain software application are missing or corruptedAnd so on…

Although the cause is unknown plainly, you have the right to attempt the adhering to services to solve your difficulty.

How to Fix Error The System Cannot Find the Data Specified on Windows 10?

Solution 1. Run Antivirus Software to Shave the right to Your Computer

The virus, cyber dangers, and also malicious attack are the widespread reasons. It is recommended to run antivirus software application to sdeserve to your device comprehensively to clean the malicious content and other junk documents.

Solution 2. Open the Libraries Folder

According to users, you can have the ability to solve the device cannot find the file mentioned error simply by navigating to the Libraries folder which is concealed by default in Windows 10. Do the following to access it:

Open This PC.

Right-click the empty area in the left pane and also select Sexactly how libraries.


Now, you will find the Libraries folder in the left pane.


Solution 3. Install Windows Updates

If you haven’t updated Windows for a long time, the mechanism cannot discover the file specified error is a sign that you have to install all pfinishing updays. Windows updates often solve both hardware and also software application errors, therefore we strongly indicate that you install the latest updates by complying with these steps:

Press Windows crucial + I.

Select Upday & Security > Windows Update.

Click on the Check for Updates button and wait.


Install all the updays.

Rebegin the device to end up the installation of updays.

File Recoexceptionally after Windows Update

If you uncover your documents are absent after Windows upday, try using MiniDevice Partition Wizard. The best partition magic software application not just can help you maximize disk performance however also have the right to help to recover shed information.

MiniTool Partition Wizard offers Documents Recoextremely feature to help you properly and conveniently recoup shed information from damaged, formatted and deleted partition.

Note: Documents Recoexceptionally feature is only available in MiniDevice Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate and also above edition. You have the right to inspect MiniDevice Partition Wizard Edition Comparikid to recognize even more information.

The actions are:

Tip 1. Launch MiniDevice Partition Wizard to acquire its main interface.


Step 2. Click File Recoextremely feature on the height Device Bar to acquire the adhering to window.

Step 3. Select the drive/partition containing shed data and then click Shave the right to button.


Step 4. After scanning, conserve all needed data in a safe area.


Therefore, all work-related has actually been done! For more indevelopment, you have the right to review this post: How to Recover Lost Documents from Hard Drives | MiniDevice Partition Wizard Tutorial.

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Equipment 4. Check the System Log Files

Anvarious other reliable approach to settle the system cannot uncover the file specified error is to examine the mechanism log papers.

The actions are:

Navigate to C:/Windows/inf magazine.

Open inf folder.

Find file, and then double-click on it to open the file. (In some situations, the file would certainly be


Press Ctrl and F at the exact same time to open Find box.

Type cannot find the file in the search box then begin the search to find the lacking file.

Copy and paste it right into the Windows/inf folder.

Reinstall the driver.

Systems 5. Change Your Registry

According to customers, you can deal with this error simply by modifying a number of registry tricks. To modify the regisattempt, execute the following:

1.Press Windows crucial + R.

2.Type regedit, and push Enter.

You have the right to create backas much as secure your present registry condition. Click File > Export.

Next, enter the file name for the registry backup and also choose All under Export array area. Finally, click Save to save the backup. Therefore, you deserve to ssuggest run this file to restore your regisattempt to its original state in situation anypoint goes wrong.


3.Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion.

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4.Expand also the key and look for RunOnce crucial. You have the right to produce it if this crucial doesn’t exist. You just need to click the CurrentVersion crucial and also choose New > Key from the food selection.


5.Type RunOnce as the name of the brand-new key.

6.Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion vital in the left pane.

7.Expand also it and also check if the RunOnce vital has effectively been produced. If not, repeat the over measures to reproduce it.

8.Close Regisattempt Editor and also restart Windows.

9.If you still receive the device cannot uncover the file specified error after restarting PC, you need to store analysis to uncover other services.

Equipment 6. Install the Driver Using .inf File

If you enrespond to this error after downloading and install the driver from manufacturer’s webwebsite, attempt the adhering to steps:

Find the downloaded driver file.In the extracted folder, uncover the .inf You have the right to select the one bearing appropriate summary, such as “Setup Information” once tright here is even more than one .inf file.Right-click on the file and pick Install.
Note: Not all .inf documents are self-installer. If the .inf file does not assistance this technique of installation, you would certainly gain a prompt message prefer this – The INF file you selected does not support this strategy of installation.

Solution 7. Uninstall and also Reinstall the Drivers

If you download the driver from manufacturer’s webwebsite and also fulfill this system cannot find the file specified difficulty, you deserve to attempt uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers to deal with the error.

Go to Control Panel and pick Device Manager.

Expand the category and situate the device you wish to uninstall.

Right-click the tool name and pick the Uninstall alternative from the conmessage food selection.

Check the “Delete the driver software for this device” and then click OK switch to confirm the action (uninstall).


After uninstalling the driver, install the driver aget.

Equipment 8. Format Your USB Flash Drive

According to customers, you could be able to receive the device cannot find the file stated error while inserting your USB flash drive or other removable difficult drives. Now, to deal with this problem, you have the right to attempt formatting your difficult drive.

Open This PC, right-click the USB drive and also pick Format.

Check Fast Format alternative as soon as the format home window opens.

Click the Start switch to begin the formatting procedure.

Sometimes, you will uncover that Windows was unable to complete this format. Now, if you take place to fulfill this problem, you can recognize exactly how to solve it by analysis this post How Do I Fix "Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format" Error.

Equipment 9. Rekeep or Repair the Missing Files

As we understand, many civilization encounter the device cannot discover the file stated error when trying to access or backup some papers stored on the mechanism. This is bereason that the file is damaged or corrupted. To deal with this difficulty, you need to run chkdsk command to reclaim or repair the lacking documents.

The measures are:

Right-click the Start switch and select Command also Prompt (Admin).Type "sfc /scannow" into the Command Prompt window and also press Enter Wait while chkdsk tries to repair your records.Type exit and also push Get in to leave this command.


Solution 10. Use WinRAR

According to report, some customers obtained this error while deleting a particular file or folder. In this case, you can be able to fix the system cannot discover the file stated error by using WinRAR.

Right-click the problematic file, and also choose the Add to archive alternative from the food selection.

Check Delete papers after archiving and also then click the OK switch.


Now, you deserve to delete the archive to completely rerelocate the file without any obstacle.

Systems 11. Delete ProfileImagePath Key

While making use of Windows Backup to develop your backup files, you can delete particular worths from your registry to deal with the device cannot find the file specified error.

Open Registry Editor.Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionProfileList.Expand the ProfileListNavigate via each subvital, and inspect whether it has actually ProfileImagePath value accessible on the best pane.If specific subessential doesn’t have ProfileImagePath value obtainable or if its Data is empty, you must click it and then choose Delete switch to delete it from the menu.


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Are you still worrying around how to deal with the system cannot find the file specified error in Windows 10? Now, try the above methods, you have the right to solve this error quickly.

If you happen to understand various other means to execute this, don"t hesitate to let us know and we promise we’ll update this overview.

If you have any type of concerns or suggestions around making use of MiniTool Power Documents Recoexceptionally, please let us recognize by leaving comments in the comment zone or sending emails to . We will resolve it as quickly as possible.

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