There is no partition selected


Some human being reported that they got error message "Tbelow is no volume selected. Please choose a volume and try aobtain." If you additionally gain this error while formatting partition by means of DiskPart, MiniDevice solutions in this article might help you.

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Some of you may enrespond to tright here is no volume schosen error when you format a partition via DiskPart. When you form format command also, you may obtain this message "There is no volume schosen. Please choose a volume and attempt aget."

When this error occurs, if you can open up Windows Disk Management to check out this volume, you will uncover that the volume lacks a driver letter. Several of you may think you can settle this problem simply by assigning a drive letter to the partition, however the actual instance is a lot even more complex and also you have to think about the complying with question: where this error occurs?

If this error occurs on a Windows partition, you can solve this difficulty by assigning a driver letter. But if this error occurs on a Linux partition, the procedure is more complicated.


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Fix No Volume Selected Error That Occurs on Windows Partition

In this instance, you just have to assign a drive letter to the partition using Disk Management to a command line. If you usage Disk Management, please describe the complying with steps:

Press "Windows + R" to speak to out RunIn the Run box, kind "msc" and then press Enter to open up Disk Management.Right-click the partition and also select Change Drive Letter and PathsIn the pop-up home window, click Change switch and then follow the prompt to asauthorize drive letter.


But if you can"t open Disk Management, you have the right to asauthorize a drive letter by the following command: asauthorize letter=*. Please note that you have to relocation * as necessary. Then, you deserve to format the drive aget to check out whether the trouble is resolved.

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Fix No Volume Schosen Error That Occurs on Linux Partition

This error also occurs on a Linux partition. A user has actually reported that and also right here is a brief excerpt from his post:

I have actually a 3TB Western Digital USB drive that I formatted on a Linux device. The initially partition is an ext4 mechanism partition. The second is a huge NTFS information partition...I affix it to my Windows click the partition, "Format" is greyed out... I would certainly attempt DISKPART...Tbelow is no volume selected. Please select a volume and attempt aget. ---

From this write-up, we have the right to know that this disk is formatted under Linux system and also it doesn"t occupational under Windows device. In this situation, you can try the complying with 2 ways to solve the problem:

1. Clean Command.

Before formatting the partition, you deserve to use clean command to totally wipe the disk partition table. Here are the commands:


>list disk

>pick disk

>list volume

>pick volume


>develop partition major size=# (Please note the default unit of # is MB.)

>asauthorize letter=*

>format fs=ntfs

You can also attempt deleting the partition and then developing a new on in Disk Management.

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2. MiniDevice Partition Wizard

Another means is making use of MiniDevice Partition Wizard. This tool enables you to format the partition straight without any additional move.

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What you need execute is simply clicking the over button to downpack and also install this software. After that, you deserve to go to its primary interchallenge to right-click the partition and choose Format. Then, you can format the drive directly.

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When I arrangement to switch from Linux to Windows, I have actually ever before offered its bootable edition to format the Linux partition to NTFS successfully and also currently the Windows runs well in that disk. So if the over ways fail, you can use this strategy.