This action is only valid for products that are currently installed


Perhaps some of you encountered “This activity is only valid for products that are currently installed” error while utilizing Microsoft Office. Come and review this write-up, and also you will have the ability to resolve it via ease making use of the techniques provided by MiniDevice software program.

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This activity is just valid for assets that are currently installed” is a fairly prevalent concern pertained to Microsoft Office. It deserve to happen when you click on an Office shortcut from the Start menu or Taskbar, or once you click on a document also if the Office application has been currently open.



You have the right to restrict document editing to prevent your papers from accidentally being changed in Microsoft Office, and below are some simple means to assist you.

Acomponent from corrupted Microsoft Office installation, the underlying cause behind this concern is the same in virtually all cases: there are multiple instances of Office installation.

If you mounted a retail copy of Microsoft Office on your computer system via a trial version of Microsoft Office having actually been mounted, the 2 conflicting instances of Office will create a mess and also bring about activity only valid for commodities presently set up error.

Don’t worry! 3 fixes are presented for you via the in-depth actions.

Fix 1: Uninstall Trial Version of Microsoft Office

The most direct way to solve this error is to uninstall the trial version of Microsoft Office.

Step 1: Press Windows key + R to open Run home window. Then input regulate in the empty box and click OK to run Control Panel.

Step 2: When you gain the major interchallenge of Control Panel, pick System and also Security.

Tip 3: Then, switch to Programs area and select Programs and also Features.


Step 4: All the set up applications and also programs will certainly be noted here. Scroll dvery own to uncover the trial variation of MS Office. Then choose it and click on Uninstall.


After that, you simply have to follow the onscreen instruction to finish the procedure of uninstallation.

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Fix 2: Run Microsoft Office Troubleshooter

Even if you have actually unset up the trial variation, it is additionally advisable to run the Microsoft Office Troubleshooter to repair the existing installation.

Just ago to the interconfront of Programs and also Features shown in deal with 1, then select the installed retail variation of Microsoft Office. But this time, you need to click the Change switch next to the Uninstall button.

Then, you will get the following home window prompting you to choose a technique to repair your Office routine. Here are 2 alternatives for you:

Fast Repair – Scanning the Office installation for any kind of issues and resolving a lot of issues quickly without the need for an internet link.Online Repair – Fixing all worries but calls for an internet connection throughout and also may take a little longer.


Choose one of the alternatives according to your need and also click Repair switch. What you need to perform later is to wait for the repair process to complete. Then, restart your computer and view if “This activity is only valid for assets that are currently installed” error is removed.


Fix 3: Uninstall and also Reinstall Microsoft Office

If the 2 techniques introduced above cannot solve the problem, you might need to uninstall and also reinstall your Microsoft Office.

Of course, you have the right to uninstall the routine as uninstalling the trial version of MS Office stated prior to. You have the right to additionally uninstall it in Settings, which is a easier means.

To do that, please open Settings and also navigate to Apps -> Apps & feature. Then, scroll down to locate and click your Office routine, and click Uninstall button. When you get the warning message, click Uninstall switch to confirm this operation.


Wait until the uninstallation is completed. Then, reboot your computer and also download and also reinstall the latest variation of Microsoft Office. In this method. “This action is only valid for products that are presently installed” problem must be rerelocated properly.



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