This desktop does not support the requested display protocol


Many VMware users complain around the error message “Your mechanism does not assistance the asked for display”. Are you trying to number it out? If so, you involved the best area. In this article, you will learn 2 efficient means to deal with this error.

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Possible Casupplies for System Does Not Support the Requested Display

You might be wondering what are feasible causes for the device does not assistance the asked for screen. According to the survey, an excellent many type of VMware users reported that they encounter the error message “Your system does not assistance the requested display screen settings” while connecting to the View desktop.

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In enhancement, tbelow are many possible reasons for the mechanism does not support the asked for display as follow:

The asked for screen error message most likely shows up when you are running the View Client or utilizing VMware Horizon HTML Access to get accessibility to a desktop.Another possible reason for this error message showing up is that you set up the VMware Horizon HTML Access Agent (component of the Remote Experience Agent installer package) on the View desktop before the installation of the View Agent.The the majority of common reason contributing to the “mechanism does not support the asked for display” concern is that the View Agent display screen drive was most likely written over by VMware Tools or various other software applications.

Considering all the feasible causes discussed over, we chose to explore a quick solve for the mechanism does not assistance the asked for display screen settings error. Please save analysis the following steps very closely.

How to Fix System Does Not Support the Requested Display Settings Error

Tbelow are 2 major means to resolve the mechanism does not support the asked for screen. Let’s begin through the View Agent.

Method 1. Install the View Agent

Tip 1. First, you should downpack the View Agent installer from the VMware webwebsite.

Tip 2. Double-click the installer file and choose accept the license terms.

Step 3. If you intfinish to install the View Agent on a Windows Server in whichRemote Deskpeak Services (RDS) is not installed, you should select Install VMware Horizon View Agent in desktop mode.

Step 4. Select the Net Protocol (IP) version -IPv4 or IPv6 (Note: you should install all View components via the same IP version).

Tip 5. Select whether you desire to enable or disable FIPS mode. This choice obtainable only once you enable FIPS mode in Windows.

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Tip 6. Select your desired setup choices and deploy linked-clone desktops by clicking on the View Composer Agent alternative.

Tip 7. Rebegin your online machine to execute the transforms.

Then you can examine whether the requested screen error message still persists. If this approach falls short to deal with your difficulty. Perhaps you deserve to move to the next technique.

Method 2. Check Whether the Right Drive Is Being Used

Step 1. Log in vSpbelow Client you set up on your desktop PC.

Step 2. Right-click the Start menu at the bottom left edge to choose Device Manager.


Tip 3. In the brand-new pop-up home window, scroll with the list and also uncover the Display adaptors.


Tip 4. Double-click the adapter under Display adaptors to see the comprehensive information.

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Tip 5. Check whether the correct display screen driver is being used (You can click here to view a list of compatible video chauffeurs under the section More Information).



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