This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked

Office 2013 does not let me write anything inside my word document!It mirrors me the adhering to message:

This modification is not permitted, bereason the selection is locked.

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In my case the message was coming up on a single element of the record and also was connected through the layout I was utilizing. I was trying to rerelocate a area referring to the manager of the project from a solitary page of the document. When I would certainly highlight and also push "delete" I would certainly watch the message "this-modification-is-not-allowed-because-the-selection-is-locked".

I refixed the worry by highlighting the area and on the "developer" tab picking "properties". A pop-up would open up titled "content control properties" within which I could dechoose the option "content regulate cannot be deleted".I was then able to delete the object.


This is sindicate bereason your Microsoft Office is not caused. Try to activate it through the key. If you do not have it then install one more Microsoft Office.



In my instance, this message was coming up on a single element in the document - A text field referred to as "Title".


It was absolutely uneditable, while the rest of the record was unprotected and also could be changed. My solution was going right into the record properties, under the file food selection, and altering the title tbelow.

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In this case, this is actually the metadata that is stored with the file.

Hopecompletely this helps other people that run into the very same concern.

It"s bereason the cost-free license is expired. You will have to buy the software essential. Or use choices choose LibreOffice(Opensource), OpenOffice(Opensource) and also WPS office.

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