Titanfall 2 error a redistributable package directx


Apex Legends DirectX error 4294967287 is an error that pops approximately proccasion you from installing Apex Legends, a renowned totally free fight royale multiplayer digital role-playing first-perchild shooter game. In this post, MiniDevice Partition Wizard uses you 3 methods to rerelocate the error.

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Apex Legends DirectX Error 4294967287

Apex Legends is a free fight royale multiplayer virtual role-playing first-perkid shooter game occurred by Regenerate Entertainment and publimelted by Electronic Arts. This game follows the civilization check out of the Titanfall series and was released on February 4, 2019. After its release, the game obtained positive reviews from players.

Apex Legends is a famous game and also many type of people would certainly choose to install and also play it. However before, some human being report that they can"t install Apex Legends bereason of Apex Legends DirectX error 4294967287.

I gained myself a new pc and also I"m reinstalling everything but for whatever factor Apex simply refuses to get set up and it offers me the DirectX error. Error: A redistributable package (DirectX) was not set up effectively. Setup cannot proceed. (4294967287). ---www.reddit.com


After clicking the OK switch, Origin will throw the following error: Error 327684:1 (stuck at 38% download). Then, exactly how to fix this problem? If you are also facing the difficulty, please try the complying with actions settle the problem.

6 Ways to Apex Legends Won’t Launch Windows 10

How to Fix Apex Legends DirectX Error 4294967287

Fix 1. Upday to Latest DirectX Version

As the error message shows, Apex Legends DirectX error 4294967287 is mostly related to DirectX, which is a collection of components in Windows that permits software (greatly and especially games) to be provided directly via video and also audio hardware.

So DirectX is extremely crucial for games and many kind of games also have requirements on DirectX versions. As to Apex Legends, it requires DirectX 11.0 or greater versions. If your COMPUTER does not fulfill this need, you will get the following error.

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In general, if your computer is Windows 7 or later on, the DirectX variation is 11.0 or better. But you can also examine the DirectX version first. Here is the guide:

Click Startfood selection and also type "dxdiag" in the search box.Click the application from the result list.In the Systemtab, you can check the DirectX


Then, if you want to update the DirectX to the latest variation, you just need to update the Windows to the latest variation, because DirectX does not have actually a sepaprice upday package.


Fix 2. Delete DirectX.cab Files

Although I haven"t interpreted the principle of this method, however many customers report that they have actually resolved the Apex Legends DirectX error with this solution. You have the right to attempt it. Here is the guide:

Go to C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesApex\__Installerdirectx edist.Sort the folder by name.Delete all records (the deleted file are nearly .cab files), EXCEPTdll, dsetup32.dll, and also DXSETUP.EXE.Right-click DXSETUP.exe and select run as administrator. This time, you will get the game installed successfully.


Fix 3. Other Measures

Some world may resolve the Apex Legends DirectX error through the initially or second technique. But some civilization additionally report that these methods do not work-related for them. If the above steps likewise do not job-related for you, you must try various other procedures, for instance, updating graphics driver or turning off Firewall temporarily.

Finally, if all the over approaches do not fix the problem, you have the right to call Apex Legends customer service for further aid. In addition, if you have other methods to fix the difficulty, please share them through us in the following comment zone.



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