Titanfall 2 origin overlay disabled

Summary: Many players are complaining around the Origin in Game Overlay Not Working difficulty as soon as they are trying to play a game. If you are among those players encountering this problem then you need not issue as this write-up will fix the difficulty conveniently.

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Origin is a software program emerged by Electronics Arts for playing and also purchasing video games. It included a secondary option/function named In-game overlay to play the game.

This function is for Uplay that allows the players to accessibility some functions of Uplay without closing the game. Things you have the right to access favor friends list or messages. You have the right to quickly accessibility the in-game overlay just by pressing the Shift+F2 crucial.

Well, via this impressive function comes the trouble, as well as many type of customers, faces an error message that claims that their in-game overlay is not enabled though it is an beginning in-game overlay not working.

So, in order to fix this problem, you have to go via the options listed dvery own and perdevelop them one after the other to proceed the game with ease.

Let’s get started…

Why is Origin in Game Not Working?

Origin in game overlay not working troubles have the right to take place bereason of many kind of factors and that have the right to cause an interruption in the game. Have a look at some of the causes stated below:

Outdated mechanism driversConflicting applicationsCorruption in beginning installationOutdated Windows OSCorrupted game files/ temp filesIneasily accessible antivirus software

Now, that you know the causes why origin in-game not functioning. Let’s ahead in the direction of the services and resolve this trouble.

How to Fix Origin in Video Game Overlay Not Working?

Tright here are multiple services noted down that will certainly overview you in addressing the origin overlay not working concern. Go via them and play the game without any type of trouble.

Table of Contents

Solution 1- Check Whether Origin in-game overlay is Enabled or Not

If in your game the origin in overlay not functioning then you have to inspect whether it is allowed or not. This is the most basic solution to make origin work-related in your game.

Here are the actions to check beginning in-game overlay is permitted or not:

First, open origin client’s softwareClick on the origin menuChoose Applications settings


Select origin in-game tab


Check whether the origin ingame toggle essential if revolve on or not. If not then turn it on and then run the game to watch if it is working properly or not.


Equipment 2- Close the Background Apps

If origin in game overlay not working also after permitting it then attempt cshedding the background apps and then try to launch a game to see of the origin starts running properly or not.

Following are the procedures to close the background apps:

Click on the Windows search box, form Task manager, and also hit the enter keyWhen the job manager opens, click on the Processes tabUnder the Apps and background processes, choose the apps noted and click End task


Three programs that you need to close to make beginning overlay work; are Razer Synapse, MSI Afterburner, and Steam.

After closing the apps from the task manager, open up the game that you were playing and watch if beginning in overlay not working issue obtained solved or not.

Equipment 3- Add the Origin to a Third-Party Antivirus Utility Exception Lists

Many kind of players have shelp that they are able to resolve the Origin’s overlay doesn’t work by including the beginning to a third-party antivirus energy exemption list.

Doing this will certainly confirm that the antivirus does not interfere through the beginning. Adding the beginning deserve to vary different antivirus software application so you should look for the Exclusion tab in the utility settings menu.

Once you have included the origin to third-party run the game and view if the origin in game overlay not working problem gained addressed or not.

Besides this, you can also rotate off the third-party antivirus before you start playing the origin game. Right-click the antivirus system tries to open the context menu. The conmessage food selection will certainly include a disable option so you deserve to disable the antivirus for a certain period of time.

Solution 4- Perdevelop a Clean Boot

Percreating a clean boot in Windows will rerelocate the services and also the third-party app from the mechanism startapproximately make sure that there are not many programs that are conflicting through the beginning ingame overlay.

Follow the actions to percreate a clean boot:

Press the Windows keyType msconfig and click OK


Click on selective startup and also select load system services and also usage the original boot configuration optionUnchoose the pack startup items option


Now, click the Services tab, pick Hide all Microsoft services and click on Disable all buttonClick on Apply and also then Ok to conserve the changes


Now, rebegin the system and also play the game with beginning overlay to examine if the beginning in game overlay not working problem obtained fixed or not.

Equipment 5- Upday Windows

Sometimes making use of an outdated Windows variation can additionally be the factor behind beginning overlay not working. In order to fix it try to update your Windows operating system.

Follow the actions to do so:

Click on the Windows iconGo to settingsSelect the upday & security option


Click on Windows update> examine for updates


Now, wait for a couple of minutes as Windows will examine for new updays accessible or not then install it automatically

After your device is updated to the latest variation, rebegin it and run a game to inspect if the beginning overlay is functioning fine without any type of trouble.

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Equipment 6- Update System Drivers

Games can obtain interrupted if the chauffeurs gain craburned or are incompatible or must be updated. Many type of a time, outdated motorists can also cause origin overlay not working concern.

Thus, it is argued to upday the vehicle drivers to deal with this worry. Here are the actions to update the drivers:

Type Device Manager in the Windows search box and also hit the enter key


In the gadget manager home window, search for the driver that demands to be updatedRight-click it and also pick Upday driver


In the following home window, click on search for immediately updated driver software


This will certainly start to search the latest variation of that driver and also if accessible then it will certainly upday it immediately. Once the driver is updated attempt to run the game in overlay and check out if the origin in overlay not working problem is readdressed.

Apart from this, you have the right to likewise upday the driver by making use of Driver Easy. This tool will not just upday the motorists however additionally solves other driver-related issues automatically without any hassle.

Get Driver Easy To Upday the Driver Easily

Equipment 7- Change the Video Settings

In instance the game’s video setting is not appropriate, then beginning in game overlay not working concern can appear as the video setting is directly related to overlay.

Many type of games such as Apex legends, Titanautumn, Battlefield likewise faces in-game overlay not functioning in Origin, this solution could assist to resolve the difficulty.

In such a instance, you have to adjust the video setting of the device to settle the difficulty. But prior to relocating forward, ensure that the screen is set to tradition the integrated resolution of the device.

Follow the actions to proceed further:

Launch the OriginOpen the game Settings and also Visual.Now, choose Turn on Windowed mode and also check out if the Origin overlay is working correctly.

If it is not working fine, then you need to turn on V sync in instance if it is turned off and also check beginning ingame overlay not working problem is resolved or not.

Solution 8- Try Reinstalling the Origin

If namong the over remedies transforms out to be useful in solving the beginning in game overlay not working issue then try to reinstall the origin and also see if the overlay obtained addressed or not.

Here are the steps to proceed further:

Press the Windows + R keyType appwiz.cpl and also click on OK


In the programs and features, choose the origin and click Uninstall


Click on YES when the confirmation home window appearsRestart your PCNow, go to Origin’s main website, downfill and install the latest variation.

Reinstalling the Origin assisted many type of players to deal with their concern, hope it works for you too.

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All right fellows, right here I am concluding my write-up.

Origin is a good platcreate to play video games but sometimes it likewise gets surrounded via issues such as beginning in game overlay not working.

This article has gave the options that will guide you in resolving the trouble so that you deserve to play the game without any kind of trouble.

I hope that you preferred this short article and also it transforms out to be helpful in fixing all your queries. If you face any kind of Windows PC problem then go through the recommended solution offered over or check out the Windows update category to fix the trouble.

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Apart from this, if you have any kind of various other queries or suggestions then you have the right to create to us by visiting our Facebook web page.