To restore this computer windows needs to format

I have actually a WindowsImageBack-up for my home windows server 2008 R2 that i want to entirely gain back to a new drive. I have the windows installation media on a bootable USB. When I go to repair and pick complete device restore, I am not able to select from a USB. and also for this reason cannot find the Image. So what I did is partitioned the main drive into 2 partitions and also put the windowsimagebackup folder in the second partition. Now once i click complete reclaim, the restore suggest shows up. However before, I acquire the following error as soon as I attempt to reclaim it:

"To restore this computer, Windows requirements to format the drive that the Windows Recoincredibly Environment is currently running on. To continue via the gain back, shut dvery own this computer and boot it from a Windows Installation disc or a device repair disc and also then try the regain again"

I"ve rebooted it over and also over aacquire as it says and started from the USB and gone earlier to repair and so on yet save getting this error. Can anyone please help?


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Mar 3, 2019 at 13:19 UTC
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Which kind of backup did you run? Bare Metal is the one that permits you to regain to different hardware.

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Also, if you were running reserved backups (if I remember correctly) you can"t backup to USB.Windows developed in backup has the majority of restrictions and have the right to be a PITA to restore from. When you say that USB isn"t easily accessible to choose your drive from... is it possible you simply don"t have actually the correct USB vehicle drivers installed?

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Mar 3, 2019 at 13:44 UTC

DragonsRule wrote:

Windows built in backup has actually the majority of limitations and also have the right to be a PITA to regain from. When you say that USB isn"t obtainable to choose your drive from... is it feasible you simply don"t have actually the correct USB drivers installed?

This is more than likely it. The "recovery" variation of Windows you are booting to has the bare minimum collection of motorists. It"s exceptionally likely that the hardware-certain USB motorists compelled to accessibility and also boot aren"t contained.

You have actually a choice below. You can spfinish the majority of time trying to number out what"s not working, gain drivers, try to inject them, and also so on. In the end, you can obtain it to work - or not.

Or, you might try a different tool.

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In your shoes, I"d take the "safe yet longer" technique. It sounds favor you"re trying to install on the server itself - a physical install. (If it was a VM, you wouldn"t be having actually these difficulties. You might have other difficulties, however not this one.) But if I wanted to execute what you"re doing, I"d execute it prefer this.

1. Put a fresh Windows 2008R2 on the new hardware. Ensure you have the right to access the USB drives.2. Install Veeam Endallude Free on the new server. Create a gain back disk. This disk will certainly contain all the motorists compelled to accessibility the USB drives.3. Install Veeam Endsuggest Free on the old server. Create a complete backup. Put the full backup on your USB drive.4. Boot the new server from the recoextremely picture. Point it to the backup of the old server. Restore.

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In my suffer, you have to be able to uncover the old server"s backup on the USB from within the Veeam recoincredibly setting. It need to re-produce the partition structure (allow it to wipe out any type of you have actually on the new disks). When Windows boots, it must run a hardware discovery and resolve its own chauffeurs.