To skip disk checking press any key

One of Windows annoying so dubbed “features” is the Windows disk checker (Chkdsk) being instantly executed whenever before you don’t shut down your computer system effectively. The blue colored screen shows up on Windows XP or black colored display screen for Windows Vista and 7 throughout boot that says:

Checking file mechanism on C:The kind of the file system is NTFS.One of your disks requirements to be checked for consistency. You might cancel the disk inspect, yet it is strongly recommended that you continue.To skip disk checking, push any crucial within 10 seconds(s).

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Sindicate pressing any type of key would certainly speak Check disk from running but once you rebegin your computer system, you’ll gain this prompt aobtain because Windows still thinks the drive needs scanning and will save reminding you till it is checked. Sometimes, even after letting Check disk sdeserve to the drive that it wants to, the checking procedure would still automatically run at following boot and it wants to inspect the drives aobtain.


What we have actually discovered out is that when Windows detects tbelow has been an imappropriate shutdown or a drive such as a USB flash drive has actually been ejected prior to the mechanism has finimelted with it, a secret worth is stored on the drive to let Windows understand around the issue and pressure a Check disk research. This worth is recognized as a “Dirty bit” and also is a solitary hex worth (2 worths for Windows 8) that Windows looks at on boot for system drives or when the the exterior device is inserted.
One easy method to determine if a drive letter is noted as dirty and also will certainly require auto chkkdsk on boot is to run the command also fsutil dirty query C: in Command also Prompt. If the fsutil tool reports that the drive letter is not dirty, the disk checking procedure will certainly not want to run for that drive. However, as soon as a drive letter is being noted as dirty, we discovered the location of the hex worths on the drive that are being modified and reestablishing the dirty little hex value to default will certainly magically sheight the auto disk examine on boot.


While resetting the dirty little manually would certainly be the ideal solution for many situations, it is even more difficult to do on mechanism drives such as C bereason they will be locked and also not enable editing and enhancing from within Windows to readjust the bit value. Anvarious other alternative for these drives is to ssuggest instruct Windows not to bvarious other checking whether they have been noted as dirty on boot, so you’ll never acquire a research to auto check them again. Here’s just how to disable or soptimal Check disk from scanning your drives in Windows boot for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.

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Tright here are human being who suggest modifying the regisattempt to perform this which works if done effectively, yet the recommended and also safer means to disable auto Check disk from founding up is utilizing the /x switch through the chkntfs command also in Command Prompt. This switch will exclude a drive from the default boot time check. To acquire to the Command Prompt, go to:

Start -> Run (or Success key+R) -> kind cmd and push enter

If you have actually drive C: as the drive you desire exclude, then the command to disable chkdsk from scanning the C: drive would be:

chkntfs /x c:


If you have a second drive to exclude, C: and D: for instance, you have the right to disable Check disk via the command also listed below. Ssuggest add all the drives you want to exclude in this way, separating them via an area.

chkntfs /x c: d:


Sometimes users don’t like modifying the regisattempt or making use of the command also prompt, which is why for your convenience, we have developed a simple batch file to run the command also for you. Downpack and also run the .bat file, then enter the drive letter(s) to exclude from autocheck as soon as motivated, the remainder is automatic. Make sure to appropriate click and also “Run as Administrator”.

Downpack Autoinspect Boot Exclude.bat


Tbelow are some experts who believe that it’s much better not to disable Check disk from scanning your hard drive. But occasionally it makes feeling if you don’t desire it to sdeserve to your difficult drive because if it finds anything bad, damaged papers will be adjusted to File00001.CHK. When that happens, you will need to useinformation recoextremely softwareor some third party devices toacknowledge and also recover the CHK files.

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There are various other crucial attributes the Windows chkntfs command perdevelops you need to recognize around, which are debated in more information on web page 2.