Unable to determine volume version and state

How to resolve location is not obtainable, *: is not obtainable the disk framework is corrupted and unreadable error on external hard drive/usb flash drive/sd/cf memory card via error 0x80070571 disk structure corrupted unreadable issue?


1): Rapid answer: occasionally, a removal of your tool and then reconnect it aget to COMPUTER would certainly solve this problem.

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2) If not? Answer:iCare File Recoincredibly complimentary edition is a compelled freeware to aid gain back inside data from ineasily accessible drive

3): and also then 5 methods to settle the corrupted unreadable error on Windows PC.

Video - solve drive not available disk framework is corrupted and unreadable

If it reported the following error

The type of the file device is NTFS. Unable to identify volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted.

You might try the following cmd


Or watch this adhering to video


Downpack iCare File Recoincredibly Free to cost-free restore information when device reporting the disk structure is corrupted and unreadable error on your Windows COMPUTER.

Part 1: Recover Documents from Inaccessible Corrupted Unreadable Disk Structure

Free downfill and run totally free iCare Recoincredibly Freeware to recover inobtainable hd/flash drive/sd memory card, pick its Cutting edge Documents Recoincredibly mode to recover inside information.


Part 2: Fix The Disk Structure Is Corrupted and Unreadable Error on External Drive/SD

If it happened on your outside drive/usb stick/sd/micro sd memory card, generally, tright here are assorted of reasons behind such corrupted unreadable disk structure error troubles, including wrongly connection, rude tough drive/memory card rerelocating, tough drive/usb/memory card difficulties, tough drive negative sectors, corrupt master file table and also even more. Hence, likewise try to settle the problem as bellow:

1). Reattach inobtainable external hdd/flash drive/memory card

Try to reattach this inaccessible usb drive/pen drive/memory card with different usb cable/adaptors or usb ports or on various computer systems to view whether tough drive/memory card is corrupted.

2). Run chkdsk to test and also resolve corrupted disk structure tough drive/memory card/usb

Open and also run chkdsk to test and fix tough drive/memory card/usb through disk framework corrupted error.

<chkdsk /f /r i:> i must be replaced by the drive letter of your tool on PC.

Or you might usage this option on your PC


3). Layout outside hard drive/usb to remove error (100% fix)

You might format the drive/usb or memory card in disk administration with the following procedures.


Right click "This PC" -> Manage -> Disk Management Right click your drive that is corrupted which has actually place is not available error, -> Format Confirm the format

Or you may additionally format the damaged device to be fat32 or ntfs through the following command prompt by openning cmd and then type

<format F:/fs:ntfs> and then enter. (F should be reinserted via the drive letter of your device)


4). Reinstall the hard drive.


Step 1: Right click My Computer on the desktop --> choose Manage --> and also then select Device Manager to open the Device Manager application.

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Tip 2: Expand also the disk drives area. Right click the problematic disk and click "Uninstall".

Tip 3: Once the drive is unmounted. Click on "Shave the right to Hardware Changes", the last icon under the food selection bar. Wait for the unset up hard drive to be detected and also reinstalled, and also then rebegin your computer and see if the problem has actually been fixed once it boots up.

5). Ask hard disk repairing shops for helps.

Also take it to neighborhood hard disk repairing shops for helps if you do have no any type of progress.

Please prevent formatting tough drive before you run a effective disk structure repair in instance of deleting/wipig anything essential permanently.

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Downpack iCare Recoincredibly Free, the freeware currently to gain back files from external drive at first.

Disk Structure Corrupted and also Unreadable CHKDSK Not Working RAW

While trying to resolve disk framework corrupted and unreadable with CHKDSK, chkdsk just is not functioning and also reports it is not obtainable for raw drives? Does this outside drive also present raw file system/0 bytes memory in Disk Management and ask to format on your PC? Also execute not panic! Firstly rescue raw file device hard drive documents and also format tough drive to convert raw to ntfs/fat32. And then, see whether you will certainly receive the very same corrupted disk structure error aacquire.

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