Unable to install windows 7

Samsung 350v5c-s04windows 8 (64bit)CPU: i5 3210mHDD: 1 TB (5.4kr sata)As you have the right to view, tright here was Windows 8 set up.

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I created bootable Windows 7 USB and tried to install it. After 2 hour lastly I got to point where I have the right to install.

I rerelocated all partitions and also tried to install brand-new variation. Everypoint appears to be good, but on "finalizing installation" my pc rebooted and also I acquired aacquire windows 7 installation menu. I readjusted some BIOS settings (was trying to pack HDD via windows), yet this taken place.

When I revolve on the COMPUTER, the "Samsung" photo loads and then I acquire babsence display and nopoint happens. Can"t boot from my USB flash drive either. I adjusted BIOS many type of times without any kind of outcomes.

After I revolve on the PC:


After 2s I acquire this:


My BIOS settings.




I deserve to not begin from USB anyeven more. I dunno why. On various other computer systems the USB pendrive boots appropriately. I desire to install windows 7.

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home windows bios installation
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Sathyajith Bhat♦
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asked Apr 10 "13 at 13:50
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Try this:


Choose a proper tool to make the usb bootable, like:



Bootable USB



You should disable the Rapid Boot option in the BIOS

An Third:

You might then uncover that pressing F10 at the BIOS screen gives you a one-time boot device list


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answered Apr 12 "13 at 12:44

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Go into the BIOS settings and also go to the Boot list. Change USB to the first one, then rebegin. If you did it right, and also your COMPUTER isn"t ordinary broke from partition failures, tough drive sector issues, or anything really, then you have to acquire install food selection. After it restarts, don"t let it do anything. Go earlier to the BIOS. Then readjust boot order to HDD/SDD initially.

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answered Dec 26 "18 at 3:23

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